Coin-type & Migration FAQs


We have prepared a blog to explain this better : Visit here

Yes, 750 coin-type wallet addresses will function as usual. However 750 coin-type wallet support will be deprecated in December 2024 completely. So please make sure to migrate your tokens before that. (Kindly refer to the migration section to import your tokens)

From 8th September 2022 onwards all the accounts created through Persistence wallet (pWALLET) will be 118 coin-type wallet address.

The reasons for this change are discussed in this Forum Post.

In summary, coin type 118 is the only type supported by Keplr, and therefore the recommended coin type for easier adoption and integration across the Cosmos ecosystem. For users who would like to understand coin types in more detail, we highly recommend reading this blog article from the Keplr team.

Coin-Type Wallet Migration


  1. Migration steps for other wallets are on its way, will be published soon.
  2. We are making few changes to UI/UX flow of the pWALLET to incorporate both coin-types seamlessly.
  3. Would recommend to keep using 750 coin-type wallet address if you have staked your XPRT (More details to be out soon)

Is migration required for your wallet address?

Based on the way your created your wallet we have consolidated the details in the table below:

Wallet (Created via)Default Coin-TypeMigration Required?
Persistence Wallet (pWALLET)118 (After 8th Sept 22)
750 (Before 8th Sept 22)
No (Wallets created after 8th Sept 22)
Yes (Wallets created before 8th Sept 22) [Migration Steps]
Persistence Ledger App750Yes [Migration Steps]
Cosmos Ledger App118No
Keplr750Yes [Migration Steps]
Cosmostation750Yes [Migration Steps]
Other walletsCheck the 3rd component of the wallet derivation path, it will show either /118/ or /750/
Last Updated on: 19 September 2022

No need to worry, you can keep on using 750 coin-type wallet address for now. pSTAKE (Liquid staking protocol, developed by Persistence) will be launching liquid staking module for XPRT soon in upcoming months and using that functionality, users can migrate swiftly to the 118 coin-type wallet address without losing their 21 days staking rewards.

Persistence Wallet (Via Keystore File)

Wallet created before 8th September 2022 (on Persistence Wallet)

If you already have a persistence wallet before 8th September then most probably you have 750 coin-type wallet. 

To migrate follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of your Persistence wallet (Make sure you have saved keystore file and mnemonics)
  2. Login using keystore file and select 118 type wallet address. 
  3. Copy your wallet address and logout from the wallet. 
  4. Sign in back with 750 type wallet address and transfer your funds to the new address which you copied. (Note: If you have staked tokens then you’ll have to unstake and restake them with the new wallet address. Kindly wait for further communication from the team to not lose your 21 rewards.)
  5. Now, login back in your 118 wallet address. 
  6. Voila! You have successfully completed the migration 

Wallet created after 8th September 2022 (on Persistence Wallet)

You already have 118 coin-type wallet address. No additional steps are required. 

To check your coin-type wallet address, logout of your wallet and sign in again with your keystore file. You will be able to select the coin-type. 

This is the correct URL:

Persistence Wallet (Via Persistence Ledger App)

Migration Processes for Wallet created via Persistence Ledger App are underway. Kindly check back later here for the steps.

Keplr Wallet

Migration Processes for Wallets created via Keplr App/Extension are underway. Kindly check back later here for the steps.

Cosmostation Wallet

Migration Processes for Wallets created via Cosmostation App/Extension are underway. Kindly check back later here for the steps.