Rebranding Dexter: Introducing Persistence DEX and Enhancing Ecosystem Alignment

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Find out why Persistence is merging Dexter’s strengths directly into the Persistence ecosystem to offer all our users a unified and enhanced trading experience.

In the dynamic world of crypto, constant evolution is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. 

At our core, we are committed to innovation and excellence. Part of that commitment involves continually reassessing and refining our ecosystem, ensuring that we deliver the highest level of performance and user satisfaction.

Therefore, in an attempt to streamline our ecosystem for better alignment, efficiency, and user experience, we’re excited to announce the migration and rebranding of Dexter to the Persistence DEX.

The new domain for the Persistence DEX will be located at

This is not merely about rebranding a product; it’s about creating a more cohesive, efficient, and robust ecosystem to meet our community’s evolving needs. By merging Dexter’s strengths directly into the Persistence ecosystem, we aim to offer all our users a unified and enhanced experience.

Why We’re Rebranding Dexter → Persistence DEX

Several key factors drive this strategic move, including brand consolidation, enhanced resource optimization, and new fee-sharing opportunities. 

Each factor plays a critical role in building a more integrated and sustainable ecosystem, positioning us to serve our users better and fortify our standing in the increasingly competitive crypto market.

Let’s take a look at each factor in more detail.

Dexter Already Uses XPRT

With XPRT already being used as the default governance token for the DEX and the development resources being already shared between Persistence and Dexter, this change allows a more streamlined focus on the product, growth, and marketing.

Bringing Dexter directly onto Persistence would create a more cohesive ecosystem that enhances governance and operational efficiency. 

In addition, Dexter is the only DEX on the Persistence Core-1 blockchain. Therefore, housing the DEX on Persistence is its rightful home.

Enhanced Ecosystem Alignment

Rebranding Dexter into Persistence DEX will also help align our ecosystem by creating a unified framework that seamlessly connects all elements. The integration will result in users benefiting from a consistent user experience across all platforms, with more straightforward navigation to instantly start trading on the Persistence DEX.

Furthermore, aligning the ecosystem allows for a more streamlined development scope. It will enable our development teams to focus on implementing more features and improving performance without the constraints of managing separate brands.

Brand Consolidation Leads to Better Visibility

Managing multiple brands can be confusing – not only for new users but also for long-time supporters. By consolidating our decentralized exchange under a single, stronger brand name, we can leverage the existing recognition and trust that Persistence has built. 

While helping to attract new users to the decentralized exchange, brand consolidation also strengthens the confidence of our current user base. In turn, increased brand visibility will play a crucial role in our marketing efforts, allowing us to reach larger audiences more effectively and bringing our products closer together will help streamline those marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, rebranding Dexter to Persistence DEX simplifies our branding and reduces user confusion. It lowers user acquisition costs by leveraging the broader reach of the Persistence brand, which boasts a significantly larger follower base than Dexter. 

Result: More visibility.Better User Acquisition.

Developed by Persistence Labs,

Finally, as Dexter, Persistence Core-1, and XPRT are all developed by Persistence Labs, merging everything under one umbrella allows us to streamline optimization and allocate resources more efficiently. Alongside increased scaling, it allows for faster development and implementation of new features. 

We’ve already seen what Persistence Labs can produce when it works closely with launched features such as Superfluid LP, which allows users to easily liquid-stake their staked XPRT into an LP positioned at the click of a button. This groundbreaking feature is a product of a close collaboration between Persistence Core-1, pSTAKE, and Dexter developers, and the synergy represents what we can achieve when we work closely together. 

Introducing Fee Sharing and Reducing Inflation

With this merger, it is suggested that Dexter share all of its fees generated with the Persistence Community Pool and strengthen the overall value proposition for Persisters.

Fee-sharing is a new hot trend in the Web3 sector. New protocols are attracting a significantly large user base due to the passive income opportunities revenue-sharing can provide.

In addition, the fee-sharing with the Community Pool can also play a crucial role in reducing inflation and making XPRT more lucrative, with the additional revenue source addressing some of the challenges posed by lowering the inflation rates.

With Bitcoin security on the way through innovative solutions like Babylon, Persistence is in a position to curb inflation and make XPRT more attractive for newcomers while providing higher incentives for long-term holding. Once the trading volume increases on Persistence DEX, the revenues generated would improve the value proposition for the Persistence community and supplement validators with some of the earnings, creating a win-win for everybody in the ecosystem.

The following list encapsulates why we believe the birth of Persistence DEX is a must for us:

  • It will provide a more cohesive ecosystem,
  • It will simplify our branding,
  • It will allow us to optimize resource allocation,
  • It will enable us to introduce new innovative solutions faster, 
  • It will enable us to reduce inflation for XPRT eventually,
  • It will enable us to introduce revenue-sharing with the Persistence Community Pool.

Overall, the transition from Dexter to Persistence DEX represents a pivotal step to creating a more unified and efficient ecosystem. By consolidating our products under the Persistence brand, we aim to deliver enhanced user experiences, improve market positioning, and foster greater long-term sustainability. We are confident this change will bring the entire Persistence ecosystem a brighter future. 

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