Persistence One launches STARS Liquid Staking and DeFi

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Persistence One is thrilled to welcome Stargaze to its liquid staking ecosystem.

STARS holders can now liquid stake with pSTAKE and provide stkSTARS liquidity on Dexter šŸ¤

STARS : Culture meets Vibes : : stkSTARS : Staking meets DeFi.

As more and more creator-led communities are formed on the premier destination for culture (NFTs) in Cosmos, STARS is destined to be a gateway to Interchain NFTs. 

The parabolic rise of widely recognized collections like Badkids and the constant releases of community-led collections like ch0pch0p will cement Stargazeā€™s position as a leading NFT Hub in all of crypto. The exponential rise of volumes on Stargaze is only the start of the story. 

With more visibility and usage comes more need for chain security. STARS liquid staking can ensure that stars are aligned for the best of both worldsā€”Staking and DeFi. 

STARS stakers can enjoy auto-compounded yields, decentralization with ~65 validators, and access to instant liquidity with stkSTARS on pSTAKE. Moreover, stkSTARS users can trade efficiently or provide liquidity on stkSTARS Metastable pool on Dexter, the premier DEX for Liquid Staked Tokens and significant Cosmos assets on Persistence One.

Why stkSTARS on Persistence One?

1. More DeFi utility and liquidity for STARS (via stkSTARS)

Persistence Oneā€™s core objective is to anchor stkSTARS firmly within the Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem. Right from the outset, pSTAKE for STARS will seamlessly integrate with Dexter, offering STARS a new trading and liquidity provision platform within the Persistence One ecosystem, fostering a closer bond with Persisters.

On Persistence One, pSTAKE is a multi-chain liquid staking provider, and Dexter is the primary hub for the liquidity of pSTAKEā€™s LSTs and other significant Cosmos assets. The launch of stkSTARS will expose STARS to a wider audience across several key ecosystems, including ATOM, DYDX, BNB, XPRT, OSMO, USDC, USDT, and more, significantly enhancing its visibility and accessibility.

In the near future, the stkSTARS will also be considered to be integrated with Astroport, Mars Protocol, Kujira, Shade Protocol, UX Protocol, Nolus, Inter Protocol, and more for additional LSTfi use cases.

2. Enhancing Decentralization

Itā€™s a given that decentralization of PoS chains is crucialā€”resilient network, enhanced security, fair governance, and community trust.

In alignment with Stargazeā€™s core value of decentralization, stkSTARS will launch with pSTAKEā€™s automated stake delegation and rebalancing model that will constantly optimize for decentralization by using various parameters to suggest the final validator set and the amount of stake delegation to each validator in this set.

stkSTARS will distribute STARS stake with ~65 Stargaze validators and contribute to the decentralization of the network.

3. Auto-compounding of STARS Liquid Staking

In the Stargaze ecosystem, stakers benefit from a dual yield model: they receive staking rewards derived from STARS inflation, and a Real Yield, which constitutes 50% of the protocolā€™s revenue generated from minting and trading activities. pSTAKE introduces an innovative solution to further maximize these earnings through auto-compounding. This feature automatically reinvests both the Staking yield and the Real yield with stkSTARS. 

4. Improving STARS Liquid Staking User Experience

pSTAKE is committed to innovating and improving liquid staking user experience.

One example is the innovative ā€˜Flash Unstakeā€™ feature that will allow instant redemptions/unstaking of stkSTARS for STARS tokens from the app directly. This works thanks to a state-of-the-art mechanism that will match daily STARS deposits into the protocol with daily stkSTARS withdrawal requests.

We are very excited to bring STARS Liquid Staking to Persistence One ecosystem. Stargaze brought culture and vibes to the Persistence One ecosystem. We will bring enhanced liquidity and security to the Stargaze ecosystem.

Mikhil Pandey

A sneak peek into the Cultural benefits

The launch of stkSTARS marks only the first step in the partnership between two of the oldest Cosmos chainsā€”Persistence and Stargaze

We may have something in store for Stargaze creators and recognized NFT holders. Stay tuned for more insights! šŸ‘€

About Persistence One

Persistence One is a purpose-built Layer 1 on a mission to maximize yield and security through Liquid Staking and Restaking. It offers a technically advanced, secure, and robust infrastructure for modular and smart-contract dApps.

pSTAKE Finance is a Cosmos-focused LST issuance protocol for ATOM, OSMO, BNB, and DYDX built on Persistence One that empowers users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi.

Dexter is a decentralized exchange on Persistence One that offers capital-efficient trading and yield opportunities for LSTs, stablecoins, and other tokens. 

Persistence One is bringing Restaking to Cosmos. Become a Persister today!

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