Now Live: 1-click USDt transfers from Ethereum to Persistence One

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Learn about Persistence One’s latest integration with Kava to enable 1-click USDT transfers Kava EVM to Persistence LSTfi with a step-by-step guide.

Kava has integrated with Persistence One to expand access and utility of USDt, the leading stablecoin in crypto issued by Tether. The integration will enable direct bridging of USDt from Kava EVM into Persistence.

Kava is a blockchain built at the intersection of IBC interoperability and sovereignty with the developer prowess of Ethereum. Kava is the official and only gateway for native USDt into Cosmos from Ethereum.

Benefits of Kava USDt integration with Persistence One

Bringing USDt to Persistence from Ethereum involved three steps:

  1. Transfer USDt from Ethereum to Kava EVM using Stargate 
  2. Transfer USDt from Kava EVM to Kava IBC 
  3. Transfer USDt from Kava IBC to Persistence One using IBC

Persistence One’s integration with Kava will allow USDt to be transferred directly from Kava EVM to Persistence One in a single click, improving the user experience significantly. 

Stablecoins like USDt have various benefits on Persistence, including but not limited to:

How to bring USDt from Ethereum to Persistence One

Transfer USDt from Ethereum to Kava EVM

  1. Navigate to
  2. Connect your wallet and select the USDT token to be transferred from Ethereum to Kava.
  3. Enter the total amount of USDt you want to bridge and review fees and slippage.
  4. Click ‘transfer’ and confirm the Metamask wallet transaction.

Transfer USDt Kava EVM to Persistence One

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Connect the Metamask wallet that has USDt on Kava EVM
  3. Connect the Keplr/Ledger wallet to receive USDt on Persistence One
  4. Enter the amount of USDt you want to transfer
  5. Select the source chain as ‘Kava EVM’ and the destination chain as ‘Persistence’
  6. Click ‘transfer’ and sign the relevant Metamask transactions

How does this impact Persistence One?

This integration between Kava and Persistence One is a grand step forward for Cosmos LSTfi.

Easier access to stablecoin yields on Dexter with USDt and improving the LSTfi experience powered by stablecoins will go a long way in our mission of maximizing liquid staking yield in Cosmos.

About Persistence

Persistence One is a purpose-built Layer 1 on a mission to maximize liquid staking yield.

It is a cosmos app chain that provides a secure and robust infrastructure for dApps to build an economy around liquid staked tokens (LSTs). 

pSTAKE Finance is a Cosmos-focused LST issuance protocol built on Persistence One that empowers users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi. It is live for ATOM, OSMO, BNB, with DYDX and XPRT liquid staking coming next.

Dexter is a decentralized exchange on Persistence One that offers capital efficient trading and yield opportunities for LSTs, stablecoins, and other tokens. 

As LST adoption increases, Persistence One aims to be the one-stop hub for LSTfi yields and user experience in Cosmos.

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