Persistence x The Rollup

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As we step into the new year, 2023 was a crucial time for Persistence, laying the foundation for our goals in 2024, with widespread adoption as our main focus. The key to achieving this goal is our partnership with The Rollup, known for their expertise in DeFi research, education, and content creation. The Rollup has a strong connection with the Ethereum DeFi community, and we’re excited that they’ve chosen to explore Cosmos, making Persistence their first stop. Their values align perfectly with our mission to educate and bring more awareness and ultimately more users into the Cosmos and Persistence ecosystem.

So keep reading as we break down how our partnership will play out, bringing education, innovation, and increased adoption to both Cosmos and Persistence, as we “rollout” the red carpet for our newest partner to start their journey with Persistence!

Education Adoption and Opportunities 

The Rollup stands as a dynamic force within the DeFi community, through their enduring relationships and involvement in various projects of awareness building and education, they’ve cultivated a dedicated audience—a community of passionate DeFi users and enthusiasts already engaged withDeFi activities. In the current landscape where Cosmos is brimming with opportunities, our collaboration with The Rollup becomes the key to opening doors for these individuals who are actively seeking new horizons, and by showcasing Persistence as an innovative and complementary platform within the Cosmos network, our collaboration uniquely appeals to their desire to explore fresh possibilities as well as our goal to onboard more enthusiastic community members. Our partnership with The Rollup serves as a catalyst to amplify this momentum. Providing their audience with unparalleled access and awareness about Cosmos, IBC, the Persistence One chain and the diverse offerings within the Cosmos ecosystem.  Broadening and expanding their horizons while simultaneously empowering Persistence to connect with an existing, enthusiastic community, laying the foundation for a thriving Persistence community.

Ultimately, this collaboration represents a pivotal step toward realising Persistence’s 2024 goal of community growth and user onboarding. As we delve into the expansive opportunities within Cosmos, the partnership with The Rollup becomes a gateway for those well-versed in The Rollup’s offerings, guiding them to explore the innovative landscape of Persistence within the Cosmos network. Together, we embark on a journey that not only invites exploration but actively involves users in shaping the future of decentralised finance.


As we bring the curtains down on both this blog and the year 2023, our focus shifts decisively toward the promising landscape of widespread adoption and community development in 2024. The Rollup’s ethos of prioritizing education and awareness seamlessly aligns with our objectives, setting the stage for a collaborative effort to expand both our audience and Persistence’s community.

Grateful that The Rollup has chosen Persistence as their starting point to embark on their journey within Cosmos, this collaboration goes beyond a simple partnership – it’s an open invitation for active participation in shaping the future of decentralized finance. With The Rollup, 2024 is poised to become a year of community expansion, onboarding new enthusiasts, and collectively uncovering the vast potential within Cosmos. Join us on this engaging journey through the cosmos, The Rollup already has!