Community Newsletter #27 — December 2022

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Throughout the month of December, the Persistence team placed a heavy focus and emphasis on building. With Dexter in the works, along with other liquid staking primitive applications, we’re setting the stage for an exciting 2023. 

To wrap up 2022, which served as an absolutely critical year for Persistence, let’s take a look at the key milestones and developments that occurred over the past month.

Read more about the key details below.

Major Highlights 🚀

  • The Persistence Foundation announced a new Foundation Delegation program, which is now live. Applications are being accepted for participants to help increase decentralisation across the network and improve the overall ecosystem.
  • Dexter (Persistence’s interchain DEX) released a governance proposal for a grant from the Persistence One community pool along with the vision, purpose, detailed commitments, technical designs, collaborating teams, and more.

Persistence Monthly Stats 📊

Ecosystem 🦾

  • M6 Labs Research created a report titled An Introduction to Persistence One, covering everything you need to know about our ecosystem and what we’re doing to accelerate efforts and advance within Cosmos.
  • Stakley announced that its new XPRT faucet was available, allowing users to receive XPRT tokens on the Persistence blockchain by simply interacting with the interface, solving the captcha, and posting a tweet.
  • Pulsar Finance released its new Persistence One portfolio – users can now track the performance of their XPRT tokens and delegation staking from one convenient location.
  • Persistence and Cosmoverse joined forces to host a Cosmos meetup in Bangalore, India on Saturday, December 17. Builders and Cosmonauts attended the event to discuss and celebrate advances across the Cosmos network

Tech & Product Updates ⚒️

  • Persistence test-core1 chain upgraded to v6.0 successfully. Read more about the upgrade here.

2022: A Year to Remember

Looking back and reflecting on 2022, there’s no doubt that it was an essential year for Persistence. We built more than ever and, despite turbulent market conditions, set ourselves up for success in 2023 and beyond.

We want to extend our thanks to the Persistence community for your continued support throughout the year. The foundation for our liquid staking hub is closer than ever to being put in place, making our vision a reality. 

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