Community Newsletter #24 — September 2022

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Learn more about the key highlights from September across the Persistence ecosystem, with many exciting updates across the board.

September was an explosive month for Persistence, as our ecosystem blossomed with exciting and innovative developments, including a chain upgrade, key partnerships, and more. It was also jam-packed with events, as our team traveled around the globe to attend and speak on our platform and liquid staking.

Riding the wave in August, pSTAKE continued to shine with the growth of stkBNB and preparing for the new stkATOM launch. 

Let’s take a look at the key highlights over the course of the last month to demonstrate the tremendous progress we’ve made.

Major Highlights 🚀

  • The Persistence team attended Cosmoverse 2022 in Medellin, Colombia from September 26 – 28. Jeroen Develter, our Business Development Lead, was featured as a keynote speaker at the event. We also had our own booth and networking lounge, inviting all Cosmonauts and community members to connect with us on site and ask questions. 
  • Proposal #7 for the Persistence Core v3 upgrade was successfully passed with 100% yes votes, allowing our team to move forward with a successful chain upgrade for the release of the Persistence Core-1 chain’s v3.1.1 launch.
  • Persistence attended Mainnet 2022 in New York City as a platinum sponsor. We made waves during the event and had a blast with the community at our exclusive booth.

Key Releases 📢

Persistence Monthly Stats 📊

Ecosystem 🦾

  • Cosmoverse hosted a Twitter Space with Abhitej Singh from the Persistence team on cross-chain messaging and liquid staking, diving deeper into these two topics to set the stage for us at the event.
  • Stakely and Kleomedes became Persistence validators, becoming integral components of our ecosystem to help provide security to the Persistence Core-1 chain. In addition, Stakely enabled the REStake app to allow users to delegate to Stakely to auto-compound their XPRT staking rewards via the app.
  • Persistence released a postmortem report on the Persistence Core-1 chain halt during the v3 upgrade, detailing things that went well, challenges, lessons learned, key players in assisting with the chain’s recovery, and the timeline.
  • pSTAKE released a thread announcing the steps towards the launch of stkATOM on the Persistence Core-1 chain, highlighting the journey from the beginning and plans for next steps to create a successful product for the Cosmos community.
  • Cosmoverse interviewed Persistence’s Jeroen Develter in a YouTube interview to discuss the safety and decentralisation of liquid staking.
  • Leap Cosmos Wallet added support for Persistence, enabling lucrative features such as a portfolio overview, IBC transfers, governance, staking, connecting to a Ledger device, and more via its user interface.
  • Our team attended the TOKEN2049 event in Singapore from September 27 – 29, hosting various meetups to further connect with the community.
  • Momentum 6 created an exclusive portfolio spotlight thread on Persistence and pSTAKE, specifically highlighting our BNB liquid staking solution and its status across the ecosystem.
  • Jeroen Develter gave a riveting speech at Cosmoverse 2022, discussing Persisetence’s goal to become the core liquid staking hub and our aim to achieve this through maintaining integrity, humility, patience, and Persistence.
  • Persistence attended HackWasm Medellin in late September, where we put our coding to the test to come up with new and innovative ideas, lasting a total of 48 hours of developer fun.

Tech & Product Updates ⚒️

  • Persistence Core-1 Chain upgrades to the v3.1.1 software tag of the persistenceCore codebase on block height 7791906.
  • Default coin type upgraded from 750 to 118 on the Persistence Core-1 chain.
  • The WASM module was added to the Persistence Core-1 chain, making contracts uploadable through governance proposals.

While we’ve already come a long way in terms of progress, our journey is just getting started. Big things are coming in Q4 2022 for Persistence and pSTAKE, as the pieces fitting the puzzle to our liquid staking hub begin to come further together.

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