Community Newsletter #9 — June 2021

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Persistence liquid staking

The month of June came and went in a flash, while our team forged new paths through the metaverse and pushed forward despite market volatility. At Persistence we believe there’s no better time to focus on BUIDLing than when the market is uncertain. As you’ll soon read below, we certainly lived up to our own mantra, closing out yet another highly successful month.

In June we released the Alpha version of our liquid staking protocol, pSTAKE, along with a huge trove of educational materials in order to ready our community for pSTAKE’s upcoming mainnet launch. Furthermore, XPRT was listed on Osmosis, the first AMM DEX on Cosmos. Our pools on Osmosis have generated hefty volumes as the community excitedly explores new interchain avenues. We also reached the major milestone of 1 million blocks minted on the Persistence mainnet!

In addition, Tushar Aggarwal, our CEO, appeared on numerous podcasts and we began experimenting with Twitter Spaces in order to create further transparency and another outlet of communication with our community.

This barely scratches the surface. Read below to learn more.

Major Highlights

pSTAKE Alpha Release is Now Live on the Ropsten Testnet! 🚀

After months of tireless development, our liquid staking protocol, pSTAKE, breathes life! The Alpha release is designed to iron out any kinks to create a flawless user experience.

pSTAKE is currently hosting a $20,000 Staking Gala (see below).

The Alpha release is the first major step in the launch of pSTAKE. Experience the power of pSTAKE and help us to perfect our game-changing liquid staking protocol!

The $20,000 pSTAKE Staking Gala is Live Until July 9th! 🔥

After much anticipation, pSTAKE’s Staking Gala competition with $20,000 in rewards is finally here!


🗓 Live until July 9th

Gala participants are competing to demonstrate:

  • Highest % of staking rewards
  • Greatest level of activity
  • Additional surprise categories TBA at the event’s finale

At the end of the Gala, our judges will tally up the scores and the $20,000 prize pool will be distributed to the lucky winners within 30 days of the competition’s conclusion.

🌐 Read the full details of pSTAKE’s Staking Gala here:

Join us and other superstar community members to help refine pSTAKE. Let’s revolutionize the PoS ecosystem together!

Partnering With Injective Protocol to Unlock New DeFi Opportunities for XPRT & PoS Assets! 🚀

We recently partnered with Injective Protocol, a fully decentralized layer-2 DeFi protocol. Our integration into their platform will allow assets from the Persistence chain (starting with XPRT) to be used for perpetual futures trading.

Another exciting development we’re collaborating with Injective on is Liquid Staked Assets, created in collaboration with Persistence’s pSTAKE application! Representative assets minted via pSTAKE will be listed on Injective as a new derivatives class.

Together with Injective, we’re expanding trading opportunities for holders of Persistence-native assets while also unlocking new DeFi functionality for stakers on major PoS chains.

ℹ️ Read more about our collaboration here.

Persistence Mainnet Surpassed 1 Million Blocks 🦾

On June 5th the Persistence mainnet broke the 1,000,000 blocks minted threshold, demonstrating the robustness of the network, and ultimately showcasing our longevity to thrive in any market.

From the mainnet launch (March 30th) to June 5th we had seen:

  • 1,000,000+ blocks minted
  • 82,000+ transactions
  • 74 validators onboarded
  • 89.5%+ bonded (staked) XPRT

Our primary aim is to ensure the continual advancement of the network for the long-term success of Persistence and our community, and we’re thrilled to see this coming to fruition!

TVL of Osmosis XPRT Pools Blew Past $7.7 Million In Under One Week! 📈

In less than one week from the launch of Osmosis DEX, more than $7.7 million of liquidity had been locked in the ATOM/XPRT & XPRT/OSMO pools.

Liquidity now stands at over $14 million!

The greater the liquidity, the lower the slippage and the better the user experience. With no geographical restrictions, it’s never been easier to purchase XPRT!

🌐 Purchase XPRT on Osmosis here.

We’re thrilled to see the Persistence community so eager to provide liquidity for XPRT trading while supporting the growth of the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem.

Follow our step-by-step video tutorial or written tutorial and begin trading XPRT on Cosmos’ first-ever DEX today.

If you want to know how you can provide liquidity and earn rewards for doing so, click here.

Proof-of-Stake for an Environmentally Sustainable Decentralized Future! 🌱

Whatever your opinion on the topic, we all know the energy efficiency conversation is intensifying, with the likes of Elon Musk and economic authorities weighing in recently.

Persistence is a proud member of the Cosmos ecosystem, which is a huge benefit since our PoS technology allows for a greatly reduced carbon footprint. In order to further explain, we put together a thread regarding our energy efficient network.

🌐 Read our Twitter thread here.

Please take a look at our sources and reassure yourselves that we will be in good standing with all of those that are scrutinizing blockchain energy consumption.

PoS is changing the paradigm, allowing the decentralized movement to scale and flourish!

pSTAKE Updates

Understanding Proof of Stake & Liquid Staking: The Evolution of PoS 📈

June 07: With the launch of pSTAKE’s Alpha, we released an article diving into the Proof of Stake ecosystem to better highlight why our highly anticipated liquid staking solution is necessary for the next phase of the evolution of PoS.

  • Strengths & Limitations of Proof of Stake
  • What is Liquid Staking?
  • Design Considerations for Building a Liquid Staking Solution
  • Introduction to pSTAKE

🌐 Read the full article here:

pSTAKE is about to bridge the $500B+ PoS space with the booming $65B+ DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum, unlocking untapped opportunities for PoS asset holders.

DeFi will never be the same again! 🔥

Introducing pSTAKE: Unlocking Liquidity of Staked Assets 🔐

June 10: pSTAKE is a liquid staking protocol enabling the issuance of representative tokens on Ethereum backed 1:1 by native assets staked on PoS chains, which can then be utilized in the vast DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum to generate additional yield.

Support will be added for the major PoS networks including Cosmos, Terra, Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum 2.0, Persistence and more.

pSTAKE has been meticulously designed to effectively address the challenges faced by PoS stakers and improve the end-user experience to drive mass adoption.

🌐 Read more:

Show Your Support by Using Our pSTAKE Mask Maker App! 😎

June 14: You can now access our Mask Maker to add awesome pSTAKE glasses to your photos to show your support for the launch of pSTAKE!

Simply upload your photo, add your glasses, download and share directly to Twitter with the ‘Share’ button.

🌐 Try out the Mask Maker here.

If you’re one of the many global supporters of pSTAKE we invite you to take the time to create a picture with our app and tag @pStakeFinance on Twitter. Let’s rally together to spread the word!

Together we’re about to take the space by storm with pSTAKE!

NewsBTC Coverage: ‘Persistence Launches pSTAKE, Offering Liquidity for Billions of Staked Cryptoassets’ 📰

June 15: In our volatile crypto market, many investors seek out consistent opportunities. Currently we see eyes shifting our way, as our liquid staking protocol, pSTAKE, gears up to set flight.

Crypto enthusiasts are ready to unlock their Proof of Stake assets to begin using them within DeFi while also benefiting from staking rewards.

NewsBTC highlighted the growing anticipation behind one of the greatest releases in the history of blockchain — over $600 billion of PoS assets is being unlocked to flow into DeFi via pSTAKE.

🌐 Read NewsBTC’s article here:

As they say, “the early bird gets the worm”, now it’s up to you. Will you secure your spot at pSTAKE’s table and reap the rewards?

Dive in Deep With Our pSTAKE Documentation 🔎

June 15: We published a comprehensive documentation section on the pSTAKE website so you can get up to speed on everything you need to know before the mainnet launch.

The documentation covers:

  • Staking Gala
  • Protocol Features
  • User Guide
  • pBridge
  • Smart Contracts
  • Governance
  • pSTAKE Fee Structure
  • FAQs

🌐 We invite you to gain some in-depth insights into pSTAKE by visiting the documentation here.

PoS assets are coming to the thriving Ethereum DeFi space very soon.

Feedback Giveaway for pSTAKE Community 💎

June 16: As a community-driven project, your feedback matters to us! We invited everyone to share their experience with pSTAKE.

To participate, simply post a tweet or tweet thread on Twitter with screenshot/s of the app and share your experience using the app, feedback, or suggestions for improvement.

Important: Be sure to tag @pStakeFinance and use the hashtags #UnlockLiquidity and #pStakeIt.

Include your Persistence (XPRT) wallet address in the tweet also. The best feedback and suggestions will be rewarded!

🌐 Read the ‘User Guide’ section in our docs for all you need to know to get started here.

Thank you for all the responses we’ve received so far!

Our Comprehensive pSTAKE User Guide Was Released! 📑

June 18: Follow our user guide from start to finish for assistance while testing pSTAKE. This tutorial will teach you how to get started with pSTAKE and perform the functions of the app.

Learn how to:

1️⃣ Acquire testnet tokens
2️⃣ Wrap/unwrap tokens
3️⃣ Stake/unstake
4️⃣ Claim rewards
5️⃣ Withdraw tokens

🌐 pSTAKE Alpha user guide:

During the Alpha release we are assessing feedback and making improvements to provide a superb user experience for the upcoming mainnet launch.

The general feedback so far has been very positive and we see many excited users experimenting thoroughly. Thank you to everyone getting involved!

In case you have any questions or comments, we remain at your disposal as always. Please reach out to us on Discord.

There Are Now pSTAKE Article Translations In Six Different Languages! 🌏

June 21: Much of the global community can now easily get acquainted with our pSTAKE liquid staking protocol and the pSTAKE Alpha.

🇬🇧 English

🇰🇷 Korean

🇷🇺 Russian

🇹🇷 Turkish

🇻🇳 Vietnamese

🇫🇷 French

Thank you to our partners and community members who assisted us in putting these together. We will continue to push the importance of and opportunities provided by pSTAKE worldwide.

We Released Our pSTAKE Alpha Video Tutorial 💥

June 22: We’ve released a super simple video tutorial covering how to use the pSTAKE Alpha. It’s never been easier to get started using our game-changing liquid staking protocol!

The step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the entire process, from setting up your wallets and acquiring testnet tokens to performing the various functions of the pSTAKE app (e.g. wrapping tokens, staking).

🌐 Prefer a written tutorial? We’ve got you covered, check it out here.

pSTAKE’s Alpha Exceeded 600 Users! 📈

June 24: By June 24th, a whopping 600+ users had already tried out the Alpha of our liquid staking product. We have global users hailing from the US, Russia, India, the UK and beyond.

As the transactions racked up and user feedback piled in, we kept our eyes on the prize — to soon begin unlocking liquidity for $600B+ of PoS assets for use in DeFi.

Many hands make light work, so thank you for everyone’s efforts so far. It’s exciting to see pSTAKE coming to fruition!

Don’t forget about our $20,000 Staking Gala, live until July 9th: link

Ecosystem and Collaborations

XPRT Was Integrated Into the Latest Iteration of Coin98’s Multi-chain DeFi Wallet! ✨

June 04: Version X of Coin98’s wallet will create gateways to many projects, including powerhouse partners of ours such as Cosmos, Kava, Terra and Polygon.

This new iteration will be available on iOS and Android, meaning mobile users will soon be able to use Coin98 Wallet to securely store XPRT and stake XPRT for 35%+ APR, while also receiving additional benefits from the Persistence ecosystem.

ℹ️ Read more about our collaboration here.

If you’re looking for a wallet developer that listens to their community and is successfully crushing their mission to fulfil untapped demand while enhancing utilities in the DeFi space, then look no further.

🌐 Download Coin98’s multi-chain wallet for iOS or Android here.

We Kicked Off the HackAtom HCMC Virtual Workshops With a Session About the InterNFT Standard! 🛠

June 10: Our CTO, Deepanshu Tripathi, was invited to host the first workshop of Cosmos’ HackAtom HCMC, on the topic of ‘No-Code NFT Implementation Using InterNFT Standard’.

Persistence has been spearheading the InterNFT Working Group, alongside the Interchain Foundation and ixo, since September 2020. Our mission is to make NFTs interoperable across networks and to enable ownership, control and rights management of NFT metadata, regardless of where these are located.

We’re excited to be empowering developers around the world to contribute to the growth of the global interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Users Can Now Permissionlessly Access XPRT With Our Listing on Osmosis! 🚀

June 18: Osmosis is the first-ever AMM DEX launching on Cosmos. By implementing IBC, Osmosis enables users around the globe to trade a wide range of Cosmos ecosystem assets, including $XPRT! No permission needed, no restrictions.

Experience new utility for XPRT on Osmosis: earn rewards by providing liquidity! Osmosis is also providing incentives for liquidity providers in the form of their governance token $OSMO.

🌐 Learn more about Osmosis here and visit the AMM here.

You may already be imagining the new possibilities that will be unlocked by combining pSTAKE and Osmosis.

XPRT Holders Can Start Earning Rewards by Providing Liquidity to Osmosis Pools 🧪

June 19: As of June 19, XPRT was available for trading on Osmosis. XPRT holders can also supply liquidity to the XPRT/ATOM pool on Osmosis to earn attractive LP rewards.

In addition to LP rewards, providers also earn a portion of the trading fees generated from the pool.

Now, users worldwide can harness the power of Persistence. So what are you waiting for? Get to it. First mover advantage is real!

🌐 Check out Osmosis here.

XPRT Liquidity Increased on Osmosis DEX With the Addition of the XPRT/OSMO Pair! 💰

June 22: In addition to using the ATOM/XPRT pair, you can now trade XPRT via our second pairing on Osmosis DEX — XPRT/OSMO.

Liquidity providers will receive liquidity mining rewards in the form of OSMO tokens for providing liquidity to either of the XPRT pairs, in addition to a percentage of the trading fees.

We’re thrilled to be becoming more deeply integrated into DeFi on Cosmos. With the launch of Gravity DEX and pSTAKE upcoming, this is only the beginning!

Trade XPRT or start providing liquidity on Osmosis here.

Persistence is Thrilled to be Blazing New Frontiers with Figment! 🔥

June 29: Figment’s deep background in infrastructure and security along with their passion for decentralized technologies has made Figment a valuable long-term supporter of Persistence with whom we’re overjoyed to continue working on the cutting-edge of DeFi.

Most recently, Figment has highlighted how pSTAKE’s liquid staking protocol can help maintain network security while unlocking the value of staked PoS assets to provide additional yield from DeFi.

“Its design is centered around a bridge between Cosmos and Ethereum, and will feature a dual token model… pSTAKE will initially support Cosmos with plans to support other chains such as Persistence, Solana, Polkadot, and Terra.”

🌐 Check out the full article here.

Staking & Validator Updates

Everstake Has Created 5 New Translated XPRT Staking Guides! 🔥

June 02: As the Persistence community grows worldwide, so does the need for translated documents. Thank you to Everstake (Persistence Genesis Validator) for rising to the occasion and helping our global community.

We are now able to present staking guides translated into 🇬🇧 English, 🇷🇺 Russian, 🇩🇪 German, 🇹🇷 Turkish and 🇨🇳 Chinese to those looking to utilize the Persistence web wallet to start earning 35+ APR in staking rewards.

In addition, Everstake has also published staking guides for the Cosmostation wallet in 🇬🇧 English and 🇷🇺 Russian.

We’re pleased to see our validators making onboarding to the Persistence ecosystem more seamless while we garner global recognition. Cheers to the growth of the Persistence community!

Calling All Matic StakeDrop Participants: the Rewards Claim Function is Now Live! 🔥

June 29: If you participated in our Matic StakeDrop, you can now claim your XPRT rewards! The claim process is super simple.

Claim window strictly closes on July 26th at 12:30 PM IST.

🌐 Watch our video tutorial here.

How to claim:

1️⃣ Head to

2️⃣ Connect your MetaMask wallet using the ‘Connect Wallet’ button (this must be the same wallet address you used to stake your MATIC during the StakeDrop).

3️⃣ Enter your Persistence wallet address in the ‘Persistence Address’ field (this must be a fresh/new Persistence wallet address with no transaction history).

4️⃣ Click ‘Submit’ and confirm TX in MetaMask.

Once done, you’re all set! Rewards will be distributed in weekly batches. Once your XPRT is received, you can begin staking your rewards for 35%+ APR!

Important notes:

⚠️ You must submit a fresh (new) Persistence wallet address with no transaction history in the ‘Persistence Address’ field.

⚠️ If you participated in the StakeDrop using multiple Ethereum wallet addresses staking MATIC, you must submit a claim for each address using a fresh/new Persistence wallet address each time.

⚠️ The Matic StakeDrop campaign ran from January 20th to April 16th, 2021. If you did not register your participation at the time then you cannot claim rewards.

⚠️ The claim window strictly closes on July 26th at 12:30 PM IST. No concessions will be made for those who fail to claim in time.

ℹ️ Learn how to create a new Persistence wallet here and how you can stake your StakeDrop rewards here.

Thank you for participating in the StakeDrop! Happy staking!

Community Outreach & Education

The Cryptosphere Tuned In to Watch Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, Share His Insights at Tides 2021! 🔥

We Held an Insightful Discussion on DeFi Alongside Other Industry Pioneers! 🎙️

June 05: The future of finance is decentralized and the space is evolving at a rapid pace. We gave our community the chance to get ahead of the pack by gaining insights from those at the forefront of the DeFi revolution!

Listeners heard from DeFi thought leaders including: Tushar Aggarwal (Persistence); Jaynti Kanani (Polygon); Pankaj Jain (Workomo); Joel John (LedgerPrime); Rohit Goyal (Mesh Finance); Siddharth Jain (DefiDollar).

Topics included what DeFi is, the risks involved, and the opportunities provided by the booming DeFi space.

Tushar Joined a Live Discussion with BlockchainedIndia🔥

June 10: Our esteemed Co-founder and CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, joined BlockchainedIndia for a live discussion as part of their ‘Founders Under Crypto Spotlight’ series.

BlockchainedIndia is an India-based open community for blockchain enthusiasts with over 50,000 members, focusing on educating the crypto community on emerging technologies and promising projects.

Watch above to learn more about Persistence, our mission, and broader market trends of the blockchain ecosystem in India and beyond.

A Cosmos Community AMA Was Hosted to Learn More About pSTAKE! 🙋‍♂️

June 14: To coincide with the launch of our liquid staking product, pSTAKE, we were invited to join the Cosmos community on Reddit for an insightful AMA!

We also welcomed your questions on many other topics, including the Persistence chain, XPRT token, InterNFT and IBC.

Persistence is a proud contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem and to the interoperability movement. We’re thrilled to be unlocking liquidity for ATOM stakers via pSTAKE!

June 06: We teamed up with our friends at Mechanism Capital, Woodstock, and Biconomy for an action-packed two-hour event at the Four Seasons in Miami.

We discussed Bitcoin and beyond, DeFi and much more. This was a great chance to connect with those at the forefront of the decentralized movement while gaining valuable insights into the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

A How-to Purchase XPRT on Osmosis DEX Video Was Released 🧪

June 23: With our recent listing on Osmosis DEX, XPRT is more accessible and easier to purchase than ever!

✅ Navigate to
✅ Enter the lab
✅ Connect your Keplr wallet
✅ And proceed to trade

Watch our video above for a step-by-step tutorial. Happy trading!

We Hosted a Crypto & Coffee Twitter Spaces Event! ☕️

June 25: We were excited to connect with our amazing global community. It’s been our pleasure to watch everyone’s engagement and involvement increase as our metaverse continues to mature and take shape.

We also invited some of our esteemed Guardians to the round table to discuss how the group is shaping up and their experience thus far. This was an excellent chance to get the scoop from community members closest to the project!

If you didn’t already know, we’re making Twitter Spaces a regular weekly event, so keep on the lookout to see how you can participate.

Media coverage

Explore Persistence and Obtain Exclusive Insights Into pSTAKE With Our Recent Interview on Chorus One’s Podcast! 🎙

June 16: Tushar recently gave exclusive insights about the inner workings of our liquid staking protocol, pSTAKE. Other topics discussed include our journey so far and the evolution of Persistence, our NFT and PoS related products, and our focus on interoperability.

Learn about the competitive advantages of pSTAKE and how our protocol is set to unlock liquidity for PoS assets in a way never before seen in the space — until now.

Our CEO also gave insights into pSTAKE’s fee model, incorporating distribution to XPRT stakers & other stakeholders.

Thank you to the Chorus One team for hosting us and supporting the Persistence ecosystem by running a validator node. Get ready everyone, things are just starting to heat up!

Persistence’s CEO & Co-founder Sat Down With GAINS Associates for an Insightful Interview! 🎙

June 22: Watch the exclusive interview here! We talked about how Persistence provides the infrastructure to effectively bridge DeFi & traditional finance, and dove deep into our liquid staking platform pSTAKE, and more.

GAINS Associates is the world’s first decentralized VC, allowing members to get an opportunity to invest in the latest crypto projects with terms they wouldn’t be able to get as individuals.

Learn more about GAINS Associate here.

Check Out Tushar Aggarwal’s Expert Insights on PoS Via His Nasdaq Article Release! 🔥

June 25: As one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 most influential up-and-coming personalities from finance, it goes without saying that Tushar’s opinion on where our industry is headed is highly sought after.

We recently got a glimpse at why the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem is turning heads from the perspective of one of the top builders within the PoS metaverse. Tushar weighs in on the broader PoS space and Persistence’s new secret weapon set to revolutionize the industry by unlocking liquidity of staked PoS assets — pSTAKE.

“Staking is only in its infancy, but it offers vast potential to transform the financial system and how everyday users generate returns on their savings and investments.”
– Tushar Aggarwal, CEO & Co-founder — Persistence

🌐 Read Tushar’s article here.

Community Updates

Say Hello to pBot — The Persistence Telegram Chat Bot! 🤖

June 09: pBot is here to serve our Telegram community! You can now click Announcement, pSTAKE, Website, Twitter, Discord, Blogs, Wallet, Alerts and Trolls to get access to related information within a couple of clicks.

1️⃣ Step 1: Click the “Bot” icon (square with four inner squares) at the right of the chat bar to access the bot.

2️⃣ Step 2: Click the appropriate button to access information to answer your questions.

We think you might find the “Trolls” button funny! Our team is continuously looking to find ways to improve the experience of the Persistence community!

Join our Telegram community to explore the bot here.

Our $15,000 Bounty Program and YouTube Contest was a Huge Success! 🦾

June 13: We recently invited the community to participate in our bounty program and YouTube contest, with stellar results — over 130 participants have received prizes totalling $15,000 in XPRT & USDT!

Participants helped to spread the word of Persistence on Bitcointalk and Twitter, and created content in the form of articles and videos to educate the wider community. Check out some of the stellar contributions:

YouTube contest




We were thrilled to see so many people getting involved to help show the wider community how Persistence is about to take the blockchain space by storm!

Behold, a Meme Week Champion Was Born! 🏆

June 14: We invited the community to create Persistence-related memes and post them on Twitter for the chance at a prize pool totaling $110 in XPRT.

Memes were in the form of images, GIFs or videos. They could be themed around anything Persistence-related.

@KSerbesti received the most likes on their “New Era of Coins” meme during the final community vote of Meme Week, and as promised there was an extra reward of $50 in XPRT that went to the champion.

Thank you again to everyone that participated, it was our pleasure to see all the impressive Persistence related memes. Check out some of the honorable mentions:

Shout-out to everyone that went out of their way to encourage and like each other’s memes! Moving forward we will continue to find new ways to engage with the Persistence community.

Liam Connor Was Awarded the Prestigious Champion of Champions Title 🏆

June 16: Liam is a valued Guardian of Persistence and has been excelling in his efforts to spread the word of Persistence. In addition to his consistent support on social media, Liam has been utilizing his YouTube channel to educate the wider community on our strengths and value propositions.

🌐 Check out Liam’s most recent video on the launch of pSTAKE and subscribe to his channel for more awesome Persistence insights:

Persistence is proud to have such a strong community and we’d like to thank everyone for your continued support!

We launched our Champion of Champions initiative to identify and reward our superstar supporters. Will you be next month’s Champion of Champions?

Our Global Community Growth is Making All Time Highs! 🌎

June 17: Amid the rapid growth of our supporter base, we’ve established various Telegram communities to cater for different geographical regions.

🇷🇺 Russia:

🇻🇳 Vietnam:

🇰🇷 Korea:

🇹🇷 Turkey:

🇫🇷 France:

🇹🇭 Thailand:

🇨🇳 We also have a dedicated Chinese community on WeChat. Follow the instructions here to join:

We are committed to spreading awareness of Persistence and our mission to usher in next-gen financial products, such as pSTAKE, worldwide. Stay tuned for more regional communities to come!

Thank you all for pioneering new financial frontiers with us!

Join Our Dedicated Dutch Community on Telegram! 🤝

June 23: We now have a Dutch community on Telegram to cater to our Dutch speaking supporters, established by one of our esteemed Guardians!

🌐 Join our Dutch community:

The Netherlands is home to a rapidly growing crypto community and Dutch is the mother tongue of around 23M people globally.

We are committed to spreading awareness of Persistence and our mission to usher in next-gen financial products worldwide. Stay tuned for more regional communities to come!

Closing Thoughts

June was an incredible month! We are particularly pleased with how the release of pSTAKE’s Alpha was received. We had an outstanding community participation rate during our bug bounty and the numbers are off the charts with our ongoing $20,000 pSTAKE Staking Gala.

As we move further into July, we’ll be building towards pSTAKE’s mainnet launch this month while continuing to forge valuable alliances and host further community outreach initiatives. We’re stronger when we act together and we’re grateful for everyone’s support!

If you thought we achieved a lot in June, wait to see what we have in in store for July. It’ll blow you away!

Remember our Staking Gala is still live until July 9th. Suit up and dive in, this is the perfect time to get your hands on some rewards.

About Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

The Persistence chain facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.

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