Community Newsletter #7 – April 2021

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Persistence liquid staking

Action-packed April has just zipped by!

Continuing to build on the success of a monumental March, we pushed ahead and accelerated as we raced through April. Last month alone we witnessed our first two exchange listings, on AscendEX and, and launched XPRT staking with 35%+ APR straight out of the gates. Meanwhile our industrious CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, was featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 and our XPRT token was trending on CoinMarketCap, in yet more clear indications that the world is waking up to Persistence.

Additionally, we continued to forge valuable industry collaborations and pushed ahead ramping up our community outreach efforts to further spread the word of Persistence to the wider crypto community. We welcomed multiple blockchain titans as advisors to the team alongside many of our top-tier network validators. This is just the surface.

For more exciting updates from our action-packed April with details of each development as it happened please read below, and hold your breath because what we’ve got in-store for May will blow you away!

Major Highlights

XPRT Listing on AscendEX Signaled our Official Token Launch! 🚀

XPRT was listed for trading on AscendEX (formerly BitMax) with a XPRT/USDT trading pair on April 1st. Our token launch was a huge milestone in the journey of Persistence.

🌐 Trade here:

Further exchange listings are in the pipeline. We’ll reveal more details when we’re able to. Stay tuned!

Happy trading! 🙌

XPRT Staking is NOW LIVE with 35% APR! 💎

XPRT staking, offering rewards of 35%+ APR for the first year, went live at the beginning of the month! This rewards rate is among the highest in the industry. Therefore, we understand our community is anxious to learn how they can stake their XPRT tokens.

🌐 We’ve released a step-by-step staking guide: Link

The guide will teach you how to:

1️⃣ Sign in and access the Staking Dashboard

2️⃣ Choose a validator

3️⃣ Delegate to a validator

You can stake via the native Persistence wallet or by using Cosmostation Wallet (mobile or desktop).

🌐 We’ve also released a guide on how to set up your Persistence wallet: Link

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our genesis validators securing the Persistence network: Cosmostation, HashQuark, Turtleship, StakeWithUs, KalpaTech, DSRV, P2P, Dokia Capital, Tavis Digital, SG-1, Everstake, Stake.Fish, Band Protocol, AscendEX, Huobi Pool &

Persistence is Working With Other Cosmos Ecosystem Heavyweights to Help Bring DeFi to Cosmos via Gravity DEX! 🦾

In a major advancement for DeFi in the Cosmos ecosystem, interoperable decentralized exchange Gravity DEX will soon be launching on Cosmos. Built using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, Gravity DEX will enable permissionless, trustless exchange of digital assets throughout Cosmos and other blockchain networks.

In preparation for the imminent launch of Gravity DEX on the Cosmos mainnet, a week-long testnet competition is currently taking place, with over $200,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! Persistence is contributing XPRT to the prize pool, which will also include $200,000 worth of ATOMs and 9 other sponsored tokens from the Cosmos ecosystem.

🌐 Read more about Gravity DEX and the testnet competition:

Persistence is a proud and committed contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem and to the interoperability movement. We’re thrilled to be contributing to the evolution of DeFi on Cosmos!

Persistence and Injective Protocol Join Forces to Unlock New Opportunities in DeFi 🔥

We recently announced that the validator arm of Persistence,, was among one of the top-tier staking providers that joined Injective’s Equinox Staking. This, however, is only the surface of our multifaceted collaboration.

The Persistence chain is next in line to join Injective’s cross-chain trading universe. Assets native to the Persistence chain will be transferable to Injective to be used for perpetual futures trading. XPRT will be the first such asset supported, with more to come!

One of Injective’s latest derivatives products will be Liquid Staked Assets, created in collaboration with Persistence’s pStake application! pStake allows for the issuance of representative tokens on Ethereum which are backed 1:1 by staked PoS assets. These tokens will be listed on Injective in a new derivatives class.

🌐 Read more about our collaboration:

We’re excited to be working with Injective to expand trading opportunities for holders of Persistence-native assets while also unlocking new DeFi functionality for stakers on major PoS chains.

Our Visionary CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, has been Featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2021! 🤩

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 is a heavy-hitting list of the most influential up-and-coming magnates from industries from finance to the arts.

Tushar was featured as one of the 30 innovators recognized in the ‘Finance and Venture Capital’ category for his role in leading Persistence as we pioneer new decentralized financial horizons.

🌐 Crypto news website CoinCurb covered Tushar’s feature and its impact:

Led by our visionary CEO, Persistence is pushing ahead with full vigour on our mission to usher in a new financial paradigm. Strap in for an exciting year ahead!

Contribute to the Persistence ecosystem by staking XPRT and start earning over 35% APR:

The Bulls are Charging Towards Persistence! XPRT Was Recently Trending on CoinMarketCap! 📈🐂

April 27: All eyes are fixed on Persistence. We were recently trending on CoinMarketCap, the world’s premier cryptocurrency data platform, for over 24 hours.

We’re thrilled that Persistence is gaining recognition and capturing the attention of the wider crypto community. We’re still at the beginning of a long and exciting journey.

With multiple product launches upcoming, major collaborations and much more in the pipeline, Persistence is pushing ahead with full vigour on our mission to usher in a new financial paradigm. Strap in for a monumental 2021!

🌐 See what lies ahead in our roadmap here:

Collaborations & Listings

XPRT is Now Live on CoinMarketCap, the World’s Premier Cryptocurrency Data Platform! 🔥

April 6: You can now track XPRT data including price, volume, market cap, and much more via CoinMarketCap, aiding you in minute-by-minute market analysis.


This was the first major step in bringing awareness of Persistence to the crypto masses. We’re currently making a huge push to increase our online presence. Expect to see a lot more eyeballs on Persistence and XPRT!

You can trade XPRT on AscendEX (formerly BitMax) here:

You Can Now Track Live XPRT Data on CoinGecko!🦎

April 6: XPRT token information can now be tracked on CoinGecko. If you’re looking to gather your dose of daily crypto data from an unbiased independent source, then look no further.

CoinGecko is one of the world’s largest crypto analytics platforms, offering reliable token metrics and data. Here you can also view your favorite token’s chart and acquire all the appropriate links to learn more about the project.

🌐 Check us out on CoinGecko:

We’re ecstatic to see our work begin to come to fruition, and we’ll continue to expand our online presence to let the crypto space know Persistence is going to take the industry by storm.

Though we cannot allow price or trading related discussion in our official channels, you are free to discuss such topics in the community-run Telegram group.

Persistence’s Market Exposure Increases with Our Listing on Blockfolio! 👀

April 8: We were excited to announce that Blockfolio, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application, had listed Persistence (XPRT) for live data tracking.

With over 6 million users from more than 200 countries around the world, our listing on Blockfolio is a major step toward deeper integration into the crypto ecosystem and increasing awareness of Persistence and XPRT.

If you don’t have Blockfolio already, what are you waiting for? Download Blockfolio on your mobile device (Android or iOS) today to stay connected to the pulse of the industry and seamlessly track your XPRT holdings.

🌐 Download here and search for ‘XPRT’ to add to your portfolio:

AU21 Capital Backs Persistence to Break Down Barriers to a New Financial Paradigm 🦾

April 9: To signify their devotion to supporting projects that leverage blockchain technology to create real-world value, AU21 Capital — an investment firm that backs only the most brilliant founders in blockchain — announces they’ve invested in Persistence.

In a recent blog post, AU21 explains why they believe Persistence’s infrastructure will break down the barriers that separate businesses, institutions, and traditional investors from the world of decentralized finance.

As they say, this is no small task, but with Persistence providing the infrastructure, large-scale financial entities may unlock a previously untapped interest-yielding asset class. That’s something to celebrate, and according to these financial professionals, it’s also worth investing in.

We’re thrilled to have the support of the experts at AU21 Capital as we pave the way for a new wave of institutional adoption!

🌐 Read more on their blog:

Persistence Has Been Listed on, the Leading Provider of Staking and Crypto-Growth Data & Tools! 🔥

April 21: Persistence has now joined Staking Rewards’ list of premier PoS networks. This is a major leap forward in becoming more deeply integrated into the wider PoS ecosystem and generating further awareness of Persistence and XPRT.

Using Staking Rewards you can effortlessly monitor key statistics such as the XPRT bonding rate and price data. You can also browse our list of validators and use their Revenue Calculator to view estimated staking revenue over time.

🌐 Add XPRT to your portfolio on Staking Rewards and start monitoring our progress:

XPRT Trading is Live on with Our First Ever ETH Pairing! 🚀

April 28: XPRT was recently listed for trading on popular crypto exchange with two trading pairs: XPRT/USDT & XPRT/ETH.

Our first ETH pairing will increase accessibility of XPRT for the global crypto community.

🌐Get trading now at

Remember, XPRT holders can now stake their tokens for 35%+ APR via the Persistence wallet!

Happy trading and staking! 🙌

Persistence Market Data & Social Intelligence are Now on LunarCRUSH! Crush Your Analysis with Deep Social Insights! 📈

April 29: LunarCRUSH prides themselves on streamlining your crypto research by providing in-depth social analysis. Recently, LunarCRUSH added Persistence to their long list of crypto projects. Now, accurately capturing Persistence’s community sentiment can be done with a couple of clicks.

Check out a wide range of key indicators and social metrics including social volume, engagement and dominance, in addition to insights such as top influencers.

This is a huge step forward in terms of generating awareness and opening another avenue of in-depth analysis for the Persistence community!

🌐 Check out Persistence on LunarCRUSH and add us to your favourites today:

StakeDrop Updates

Our Polygon (Matic Network) StakeDrop was a Huge Success, With 200,000 XPRT Allocated to MATIC Stakers! 📈

April 17: 625 MATIC stakers took part in the StakeDrop, securing a share of 200,000 XPRT tokens (worth ~$600,000 at current prices) for helping to secure the Polygon network!

It’s been a threefold success! MATIC stakers acquired XPRT, XPRT distribution broadened and we helped to raise more awareness about Polygon and Persistence.

Key stats:

  • Total MATIC staked: 193,396,526
  • Total number of delegators: 625
  • Total tokens allocated: 200K XPRT (worth ~$600,000)

Rewards Claim and Distribution

XPRT rewards from the Polygon (Matic) StakeDrop will be distributed after those of the first three campaigns (Cosmos, Kava, Terra). We will share details of the rewards claim process and distribution for the Polygon StakeDrop via our social channels shortly.

All StakeDrop participants will be able to stake their XPRT rewards for 35%+ APR even when locked! Learn how to stake here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our Polygon (Matic) StakeDrop campaign by participating!

Cosmos, Kava and Terra StakeDrop Participants: Claim Your StakeDrop Rewards and Get Ready to Stake Your XPRT! 🙌

April 13: We’re now distributing StakeDrop rewards to participants of the three completed StakeDrops (Cosmos, Terra and Kava)!

After much consideration, we have decided to update the StakeDrop rewards distribution mechanism in the best interests of the community. Specifically, we will now be distributing StakeDrop rewards in the form of native XPRT tokens.

Although this new distribution mechanism will incur a couple of extra (simple) steps for StakeDrop participants to claim their rewards, you will now be able to stake your XPRT rewards for 35%+ APR while they’re locked! Learn how to stake XPRT here.

Click on the ‘Claim Rewards’ button on the respective StakeDrop page/s of our website and follow the steps displayed to claim your rewards:

✅ Cosmos StakeDrop:

✅ Kava StakeDrop:

✅ Terra StakeDrop:

The community remains at the forefront of any decisions made by the Persistence team. Thank you for your participation in StakeDrop! It’s a pleasure to have you all along with us on our journey to usher in a new financial paradigm!

⚠️ Note: The three StakeDrops mentioned above have already concluded. If you didn’t register at the time the campaigns were live then you cannot claim rewards. We still have StakeDrops for Polkadot, Tezos and IRISnet upcoming!

Staking, Wallet & Validator Updates

Introducing the Persistence Wallet Setup Guide! 🙌

April 1: Whether you’re new to the Cosmos ecosystem or have been using some of the other Tendermint-based chains, this guide should help you understand all of the important functions of the Persistence wallet.

Within the guide, you will be able to learn how to:

1️⃣ Set up a Persistence wallet

2️⃣ Sign into the wallet

3️⃣ Send & receive XPRT

🌐 Full in-depth wallet guide: link

Hopefully you are now fully equipped with the knowledge you need to be able to set up and use the Persistence wallet and be able to send & receive transactions. In case you have any questions, we remain at your disposal as always. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Enter New Portals into the Persistence Ecosystem Opened by Cosmostation, Including Mobile XPRT Staking! 🛸

April 7: 📲 XPRT holders can can now use Cosmostation wallet to securely hold and stake their tokens both on desktop and mobile (iOS & Android). If you’re looking for an EPIC mobile app wallet to start staking XPRT and earning passive staking rewards of 35%+ APR, then look no further.

Cosmostation mobile wallet also shows estimated staking APR rates and allows you to reinvest your staking rewards with the click of a button.

That’s not all! The Persistence mainnet is also now LIVE on, powered by Cosmostation, allowing exchanges and everyday users to access a best-in-class block explorer to keep network data clear and transparent.

We’re elated to have our friends at Cosmostation establish a beacon of support for our mainnet by deploying their validator node and offering an array of user tools! We’re now more secure with strong allies at our backs working to keep our network secure.

Introducing the Persistence Foundation Validator Delegations Program: Building a Strong & Committed Validator Ecosystem🦾

April 14: The Persistence Foundation will delegate a share of XPRT tokens (250K-700K XPRT per validator) to validators which demonstrate commitment to adding value to the Persistence ecosystem.

Contribution areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical contributions
  • Integrations
  • Community contributions
  • Synergistic alliances / strategic partnerships
  • Influencers

🌐 Read the full details and find the application form here: link

We invite you to join us and our world-class validators on a momentous journey to usher in a new financial paradigm. Contribute to our success and together we will thrive.

Persistence and Blockchain Titan Huobi Pool Join Forces to Strengthen the Persistence Ecosystem 🤝

April 20: Huobi Pool is a significant element of Huobi Group, the creators of the Huobi Global exchange. Huobi Pool is focused on providing PoS staking services and PoW mining.

As one of our top-tier validators, you can now delegate your XPRT tokens to Huobi Pool to earn 35%+ APR in staking rewards! Huobi Pool can be found on our Staking Dashboard.

“With the gradual improvement of Persistence as a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance, Huobi Pool and Persistence have reached a formal cooperation.”

– Malvin Wong — Huobi Pool PoS Commercial Director

🌐 Huobi Pool statement:

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Huobi Pool and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!

Our Top-Tier Validator Stakefish has Released a Super Simple One-Minute Staking Video Guide! 💎

April 21: It’s never been easier to learn how to stake your XPRT and start earning 35%+ APR in staking rewards!

The video covers:

✅How to set up a Persistence wallet

✅How to delegate your XPRT tokens for staking

🌐 Check out the video guide here:

Stakefish is a leading validator for PoS blockchains. With support for 10+ networks, their mission is to secure and contribute to this exciting new ecosystem while enabling our users to stake with confidence. Learn more about stakefish here.

Thanks to stakefish for creating this guide and for their efforts in securing the Persistence mainnet! We’re thrilled to have such a strong and supportive validator ecosystem.

Officially Welcoming HashQuark into Our Ecosystem of Top-Tier Validators! The Persistence Mainnet is Growing Stronger Every Day! 🚀

April 23: As a pioneer of the staking ecosystem, HashQuark is committed to providing high-quality validation infrastructure to support leading PoS blockchains. They have now joined the Persistence validator ecosystem!

HashQuark is operating a validator node for Persistence, enabling XPRT holders to delegate their tokens to their node to generate a passive income. You can find HashQuark listed on the Staking Dashboard of our wallet.

We are committed to building the strongest possible network and staking ecosystem, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this coming to fruition!

If You’re Not Staking XPRT, You’re Missing out on Huge Rewards! 💎

April 26: The current APR for staking XPRT stands at a whopping ~40%. This is among the highest reward rates in the industry, and the rewards will be no lower than 35% APR for the first two years.

Staking rewards are just the surface of the benefits for stakers. XPRT is the token around which the entire Persistence ecosystem is built, thus staking XPRT will also result in a great deal of exposure to multiple ecosystem dApps, along with multiple revenue streams.

More details to come in the near future!

🌐 Learn how to stake XPRT:

Purchase XPRT on AscendEX (formerly BitMax) here and join us on our journey to usher in a new decentralized paradigm:

Persistence is Feeling out of this World About Officially Welcoming Our Intergalactically Renowned Partner Cosmostation!🪐✨

April 29: Cosmostation is one of our top-tier validators securing the Persistence mainnet, and will also participate in the Persistence ecosystem as an end-user application provider. Our spacecraft are safer and more secure with them onboard!

🌐 Read more: link

XPRT holders can use Cosmostation wallet to securely hold and stake XPRT on desktop and mobile (iOS & Android). If you’re looking for an EPIC mobile app wallet to start staking XPRT and earning passive staking rewards of 35%+ APR, then look no further.

🌐 Learn how to create your XPRT wallet and start staking using Cosmostation via their comprehensive guide: link

We’re elated to have our friends at Cosmostation offering a portal to the Persistence ecosystem!

Attention, Persistence Supporters! On-Exchange Staking is Now Live on AscendEX! 🔥

April 29: XPRT holders on AscendEX can now stake their tokens directly on the exchange to earn staking rewards of 12.5% APR!

🌐 Learn more and stake here on AscendEX:

This is an excellent way for those who prefer to hold their tokens on an exchange to get more deeply involved in the Persistence ecosystem and start earning rewards! You can also pay a 2% fee to skip the unbonding period, giving you true flexibility.

Prefer to stake with a non-custodial wallet? We’ve got you covered! You can earn 35%+ APR in staking rewards by staking with the Persistence wallet or Cosmsostation wallet.

Happy staking!

Our Genesis Validator DSRV Labs has Released an Expertly Crafted XPRT Staking Guide! 🙌

April 30: DSRV Labs has created an amazing staking guide and tutorial, giving even the inexperienced the tools they need to successfully stake XPRT and start earning 35%+ APR.

The guide covers:

✅How to set up a Persistence wallet

✅How to delegate your XPRT tokens for staking

🌐 Check out the guide here:

DSRV Labs is South Korea’s leading validator focusing on technical contribution and ecosystem growth for innovative blockchains. Learn more about them here.

Many thanks to DSRV Labs for creating this guide and for their efforts in securing the Persistence mainnet! We’re thrilled to have such a strong and supportive validator ecosystem.

Community Outreach & Education

Joining IM Community for an Insightful AMA🙋‍♂️

April 2: Our CEO & Co-founder, Tushar Aggarwal, and our Strategy and Community Lead, Abhitej Singh, recently joined the IM Community Telegram group to share insights on the exciting recent developments at Persistence!

Many excellent questions were asked and lots of knowledge was shared. It was a pleasure to connect with the IM Community group.

Introduction to the Persistence Product Ecosystem by Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal 🎙

April 2: In a recent segment of our ‘Conversations with the CEO’ series, Tushar provides an overview of the Persistence product ecosystem, which spans verticals ranging from NFTs to DeFi and beyond.

  • Staking-as-a-service infrastructure. Currently over $220M in assets under delegation.
  • pSTAKE Finance: Liquid staking product unlocking liquidity of staked assets.
  • Asset Mantle: Interoperable NFT marketplace framework, enabling the creation of ‘Shopify-style’ NFT marketplaces.
  • Comdex (Built using Persistence SDK): Institutional-facing commodities trading and trade financing platform. Handled over $55M in transaction volume.

Our current product suite is a drop in the ocean compared to what Persistence has in store. We will continue to build out our product ecosystem to provide new opportunities for both institutional and crypto-native users.

Thank you for pioneering new financial frontiers with us as we BUIDL Persistence. Strap in for a very exciting year ahead!

AMA with Crypto Daku 🤝

April 2: In our second AMA of the day, we joined Crypto Daku’s Telegram community to discuss how Persistence is building an ecosystem of financial products to serve institutional and crypto-native users.

We were honored by the amount of interest in our mission to usher in a new financial paradigm!

Abhitej Singh, Marketing & Strategy Lead at Persistence, Recently Dove Deep Into Real-World Use Cases for NFTs, Interoperability, and Much More, on Discourse Syndicate 🔬

April 11: Our team appreciates NrdGrl007 for hosting the conversation on her exciting and upbeat segment called Building Bridges, which features interviews surrounding innovative technology with those that are BUIDLing the future.

We had a great time discussing various topics including real-world NFT use cases, interoperability, building cross-chain bridges between decentralized ecosystems, and much more.

“Persistence was working on NFTs long before the NFT hype wave of 2021. We have been pioneering real-world NFT use cases since 2019 beginning with our commodities trading application Comdex (Built using Persistence SDK), and we actually conducted the first ever cross-chain NFT transaction. Our scope with NFTs has now grown multi-fold.”

It’s not every day that the crypto community gets to pick our brains on such interesting topics so grab some popcorn and listen to the discussion by clicking on the video above.

April 14: XPRT is the token around which the entire Persistence ecosystem is built, thus staking XPRT will also result in a great deal of exposure to multiple dApps in the ecosystem for stakers.

Primarily a staking token, XPRT can be staked for 35%+ APR for helping to secure the Persistence network.

XPRT will also serve as a community governance token on the Persistence mainchain.

In addition, as a ‘work’ token, XPRT will accrue value for stakers in direct correlation to increased financial activity within Persistence’s ecosystem dApps, thereby producing revenue for XPRT stakers.

🌐 XPRT can be purchased on AscendEX, with more listings in the works.

Feast Your Eyes on Persistence’s Ecosystem of Next-Gen Financial Products and Services! 🦾

April 16: Revenue from our ecosystem products will trickle down to XPRT stakers, thereby producing multiple revenue streams, in addition to the 35%+ APR earned in staking rewards.

🌐 Read about our product ecosystem: link

This is a drop in the ocean compared to what Persistence has in store!

Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, Joined Other Crypto Superstars at the Odaily Summit, Sponsored by Binance! 💫

April 22: At Persistence, we’ve always prized our co-founder & CEO, and it’s great to see the word spreading. Recently, Forbes featured Tushar in their list of 30 Under 30 Asia. And now, at the recent Odaily Summit, Tushar shared a stage with well-known blockchain heavy hitters including SBF of FTX Exchange, DODO DEX and Perpetual Protocol.

Tushar presented as both a speaker and a panelist, focusing on DeFi, NFTs, and the upcoming launch of Persistence’s pStake app, which will unlock liquidity for staked assets.

Odaily Summit was an excellent opportunity to spread the word of Persistence to the thriving Chinese crypto community and connect with industry heavyweights. We’re thrilled that Persistence is gaining recognition and influence.

Joining our Top-Tier Validator Huobi Pool for a Joint AMA to Connect with the Thriving Chinese Crypto Community! 🤝

April 25: If you’ve been following our recent updates you’ll know that we recently welcomed blockchain titan Huobi Pool as one of our top-tier network validators. We also recently Huobi Pool for a joint AMA to discuss our collaboration and spread the word of Persistence to the Chinese community!

China is home to a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain innovators. This AMA alongside Huobi Pool was an excellent opportunity to build awareness and grow our Chinese community!

There is also a dedicated WeChat group for our Chinese community members. Scan the QR code in the image here to join.

AMA with tehMoonwalkeR’s High Table 🙋‍♂️

April 28: Persistence has been on fire recently, firmly attracting the attention of the wider crypto community! This AMA was therefore the perfect chance to connect with our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, and our Strategy and Community Lead, Abhitej Singh, to get your questions answered.

There were many excellent questions related to our mission, product ecosystem , tech, upcoming milestones and much more. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Media Coverage

Are You Feeling Hot? The Alt Market Sure is, According to Prominent Crypto YouTuber Coach K, who Covered Persistence in his Recent Video🔥

April 9: In a recent video, Coach K featured Persistence as a promising opportunity with many strengths.

The coach uses Persistence’s already functional commodities DEX, collateralized NFTs, and big VC backing to support his approval for the token.

“This is a really big project with big VC backing.”

We’re thrilled about all of our recent positive media attention and institutional backing, and we thank Coach K for his post-launch endorsement of XPRT.

In the end, everyone’s favorite crypto coach suggests that while buying XPRT on a dip might be a great opportunity, catching one will likely require more than a little good luck!

Yet More Coverage from a Top Crypto Personality! Check out Boxmining’s Article for a Comprehensive Run-Down on Persistence 👀

April 15: Following our interview with Boxmining in November (above) focused on how we’re bridging DeFi & TradFi with our enterprise NFT use case, the crypto titan has published an article on his website providing a broader overview of Persistence and our mission.

“Persistence is a strong contender for overcoming the obstacles to DeFi being widely used by institutional clients, companies and enterprises. Persistence can help blockchain move from a speculative phase to being used in the real world, including traditional finance.”

Community & Team Updates

Persistence was Proud to Crown Immasssi as April’s Champion of Champions!🏆

April 12: To us, all of our community members are champions. Some, however, go above and beyond to support us on our journey, and this does not go unnoticed. That’s why we previously launched our Champion of Champions initiative, to identify and reward our superstar supporters.

In April we awarded Immasssi the prestigious Champion of Champions title, along with $100 in XPRT.

Immasssi — part of the SG-1 Validator team helping to secure the Persistence mainnet — has continued to be very helpful answering community questions on Telegram and is doing a stellar job of spreading the word about Persistence on social media.

Persistence is proud to have such a strong community and we’d like to thank everyone for your continued support!

We’re always looking out for superstar supporters. Will you be this month’s Champion of Champions?

Persistence Welcomes Hartej Sawney as Advisor 🤝

April 12: Hartej is the Founder of blockchain security company Zokyo as well as a crypto investor, advisor, and operator. He possesses strong knowledge of blockchain engineering, security, DeFi & NFTs.

Hartej and the rest of the team at Zokyo spend their time building, securing, and funding companies that are focused on blockchain and decentralized finance.

His experience as an angel investor will help guide Persistence in many ways as we continue to build our ecosystem of next-generation financial products & services.

In the coming days, we will be announcing more industry pioneers who have recently joined Persistence as advisors. Stay tuned!

Bounty Alert! Announcing the Persistence Bounty Program and YouTube Contest — $15,000 up for grabs! 💎

April 15: We invited the community to participate in our bounty program and YouTube contest, which is still ongoing. The total prize pool for participants stands at $15,000 ($7,500 in XPRT + $7,500 in USDT).

Whether you’re a Twitter user or a content creator, there’s a way for everyone to contribute and earn rewards!

✅ Campaigns include:

• Twitter campaign

• Article campaign

• YouTube contest

🚀 Get involved and help to show the wider community that Persistence is about to take the blockchain space by storm!

ℹ️ Full details and rules:

🦾 For a solid understanding of Persistence and our mission, we recommend that you read our journey article and intro to our product ecosystem, in addition to our website.

Persistence was Thrilled to Welcome Sam Sutcliffe of Tendermint as a Strategic Advisor 🤝

April 19: Sam is an Investment Associate at Tendermint. He’s an experienced finance professional with a proven track record of successful investments in blockchain technology.

Tendermint is a core contributor to the Cosmos Network, building powerful tools for distributed systems with the mission of empowering people to create a transparent and accountable world through open, distributed, and interoperable networks.

Sam is a welcome addition to our growing list of strategic advisors. Persistence is a strong ally of Tendermint and a proud contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to have Sam assisting our acceleration on our journey to usher in a new financial paradigm.

Yet Another Titan of the Blockchain Industry Joins Persistence! Welcoming Ajit Tripathi as Advisor to the Team 🦾

April 27: Ajit is a well known crypto industry expert who has spent the last 5 years building bridges between traditional financial institutions and the internet of value at firms like Aave, ConsenSys, Binance and PwC.

Currently, Ajit is the Head of Institutional Business at Aave, a CoinDesk columnist and the crypto co-host of Breaking Banks Fintech Podcast.

Ajit’s inputs based on his vast experience in traditional finance as well as the crypto industry will aid Persistence in bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

Backed by our network of heavyweight advisors, we’re about to take the industry by storm!

Closing Thoughts

Though each month sees our progress accelerating greatly, our journey has only just begun. There’s a whole lot more in store for us as we continue to move forward.

With multiple product launches upcoming, major collaborations and much more in the pipeline, Persistence is pushing ahead with full vigour. Strap in for a monumental 2021!

It’s a pleasure to have you all along with us on our journey to usher in a new financial paradigm. 🥂

About Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Persistence facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.

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