Community Newsletter #5 – February 2021

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Persistence liquid staking

2021 is flying by, and Persistence has already accomplished so much this year!

This month alone, we continued our ongoing StakeDrop events, announced multiple collaborations with leaders in the crypto space, introduced our suite of next-gen financial products, increased our community outreach and educational efforts, and much more. Many major crypto influencers (such as Lark Davis) have taken note.

Our validator arm continues to propel the global blockchain ecosystem forward. We’ve also virtually attended several industry events and community outreach sessions, surpassed 20,000 followers on Twitter and in our community Telegram group, established a plethora of new regional communities, and so much more.

We invite you to stay with us and check back regularly for more insights into our progress on our mission to usher in the next generation of financial products. Please follow along with our progress by reading our community newsletter, covering all areas of our activities in February.

Major Highlights

Champions! Our XPRT Public Sale Interest Form is Now Live! 🚀

Feb 8: Attention, Persistence Champions! Our XPRT public sale interest form is now live!

Persistence is shaping up to be one of the most promising projects of 2021. Amid mounting anticipation of our upcoming public sale (aimed for Q1 of 2021), we’ve released a form to allow the community to register their interest in the sale.

Those who submit the form will receive updates regarding the public sale straight to their email inbox.

🌐 Register your interest by filling out the form here:

Further public sale details will be revealed over the coming days!

We’ve hit the ground running entering the new year. With our public sale and TGE around the corner and innovation in the Persistence ecosystem accelerating, we’re getting ready to take the blockchain industry by storm.

Introducing Persistence’s Suite of Next-Generation Financial Products 🦾

Feb 25: Introducing Persistence’s growing suite of next-gen financial products: ushering in a new financial paradigm.

If you’ve been following Persistence you already know that we have multiple live products which are gaining huge traction:

♦️ Comdex: Institutional-facing commodities trading and trade financing platform. Handled over $55M in transaction volume.
♦️ Staking-as-a-service infrastructure. Currently over $120M in assets under management.

What you didn’t know is that we’ve been expanding our product ecosystem in stealth over the last few months. We were excited to recently introduce some of the new game-changing Persistence ecosystem products poised to take the industry by storm:

♦️ pStake: Liquid staking product unlocking liquidity of staked assets.
♦️ pLend: Stablecoin lending platform backed by real-world assets.
♦️ Asset Mantle: Interoperable NFT marketplace framework, enabling the creation of ‘Shopify-style’ NFT marketplaces.

🌐 Learn more about our mission and product ecosystem here:

Our current product suite is a drop in the ocean compared to what Persistence has in store. We will continue to build out our product ecosystem to provide new opportunities for both institutional and crypto-native users.

Feast Your Eyes on Our Brand New Website Showcasing the Power of Persistence! 👀

Feb 24: We’ve been hard at work building out our ecosystem of next-gen financial products. We were therefore excited to unveil how we’re about to take the blockchain space by storm!

The new site lists the plethora of institutional-facing and crypto-native applications in the Persistence ecosystem, as well as an explanation of our tech stack and an updated roadmap outlining the next steps in our journey to usher in a new financial paradigm.

Our fresh new website reflects the mission and fundamental value of Persistence much more effectively. The products you see on the website are just a taste of what’s to come for Persistence!

🌐 Learn about the power of Persistence:

Let us know what most excites you about the Persistence ecosystem!

Major YouTubers Realize the Power of Persistence 🔥

Feb 17: Over the past few months we’ve been gaining the attention of the wider crypto space, leading to coverage by, and invitations for interviews with, many major YouTubers. We’re thrilled to see some of the biggest minds in crypto delving into our value propositions and future.

We’ve received coverage from Crypto Lark, Boxmining, Altcoin Buzz, up and coming Crypto Secret Circle, and many others.

Thank you to everyone that realizes our potential! We’ve been tirelessly BUIDLing Persistence from the ground up for the past two years, and we’re now entering into the next exciting chapter of our journey to usher in next-gen financial products for the world.

🌐 Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already; lots more video content is on the way!

StakeDrop Updates

Our Terra StakeDrop Was a Huge Success! 🙌

Feb 1: Our Terra StakeDrop was a huge success, with $25,000 worth of XPRT distributed to LUNA stakers!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our Terra StakeDrop campaign by participating! 373 LUNA stakers took part in the 25-day StakeDrop, securing a share of $25,000 worth of XPRT tokens for helping to secure the Terra network!

It’s been a threefold success! LUNA stakers acquired XPRT, XPRT distribution broadened and we helped to raise more awareness about Terra and Persistence.

Key stats:

♦️ Total LUNA staked: 22,948,373
♦️ LUNA staked with 3,267,919
♦️ Total number of delegators: 373
♦️ Total tokens allocated: 100K XPRT (worth $25,000)

Secure Your Share of $50k in XPRT in Our Matic/Polygon StakeDrop! 💎

Feb 4: As you probably know by now, our fourth StakeDrop on Matic Network (Polygon) is now live!

If you’re a MATIC holder and you’re not participating in our Matic StakeDrop, you’re missing out on a share of $50,000 in XPRT rewards! Don’t fret, there’s still just less than half of the total rewards pool still up for grabs.

Register your participation simply by staking your MATIC with any validator on the network and sending your Magic TX.

🌐 Read our written tutorial or view our video tutorial for more information.

Our Matic Network (Polygon) StakeDrop Continues to Gain Momentum 🚀

Feb 22: Our Matic Network (Polygon) StakeDrop continued to gain momentum as we cross the first month of the campaign, with over $29,000 worth of XPRT still to be distributed at the time!

At the 30-day checkpoint, more than 500 participants are staking over 221 million MATIC tokens in our Matic (Polygon) StakeDrop campaign, with a market valuation of $33 million!

30-day statistics:

♦️ Total MATIC staked: 221,632,003
♦️ MATIC staked with 60,816,303
♦️ Total number of delegators: 500+
♦️ Total tokens allocated: ~82K XPRT
♦️ Total left in the campaign: ~118K XPRT

There’s still more than $24,000 worth of XPRT to be distributed to Matic/Polygon StakeDrop participants! Register your participation simply by staking your MATIC with any validator on the network and sending your Magic TX.

📲 Read our written tutorial or view our video tutorial for more information.

Collaborations & Ecosystem

Developing NFT & MetaData Standards with InterNFT👨‍💻

Feb 4: We hosted another InterNFT Working Group call alongside our fellow innovators developing standards for inter-chain NFTs & metadata.

Focus of the call:

• Build authorization capabilities into NFTs
• InterchainNFT & Metadata Standard Architectural Overview

🌐 Want to contribute and join us in enabling the digital economy? Learn how you can get involved on the InterNFT website here:

Persistence is Integrating with Kava! 🤝

Feb 5: Persistence will soon be integrating with Kava, the leading DeFi hub of the Cosmos ecosystem!

After the upcoming launch of Cosmos Network’s Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, we’ll be integrating with Kava to provide more opportunities for XPRT holders and enhance the Persistence ecosystem!

Why integrate with Kava?

1️⃣ $XPRT holders gain access to lending, borrowing, and earning products on Kava
2️⃣ Kava’s Bridges provide BTC, XRP, BNB, USDX, etc.
3️⃣ Chainlink Oracle data

We’re thrilled to be working alongside Kava to push the boundaries of DeFi, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship! Selected to Join Injective’s Equinox Staking Testnet as a Genesis Validator! 🚀

Feb 18:, Persistence’s staking arm, has been selected to join Injective’s Equinox Staking testnet as a genesis validator!

Injective Protocol is the first L2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives. They’ve launched their Equinox Staking testnet, in order to allow a select group of leading global validators to test the security and robustness of the network before their mainnet launch.

The Injective team has selected a group of 13 globally distributed genesis validators, including Persistence’s validator! Validators were selected based on past work and performance, and knowledge of Tendermint-based chains.

Equinox staking is due to launch shortly, enabling the INJ token holders to participate in the first ever staking event for Injective by delegating to or another of the genesis validators.

🌐 Read more:

We’re honored to be identified as a top global validator and we’re proud to be helping Injective to usher in a new era of borderless decentralized derivatives trading!

Community Outreach & Education

Persistence’s CEO Joined SnapFingers for an Interview 🎙

Feb 2: Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, recently joined SnapFingers for an insightful interview!

Want to gain some deeper insights into Persistence? We’ve got you covered! Tushar was recently invited to share his insights into Persistence’s origins, mission and future plans, among other topics.

Read what our CEO has to say about Persistence’s entrepreneurial philosophy, the development of the blockchain industry and Persistence’s place within the decentralized revolution.

“At Persistence, we’ve been trying to be preemptive, as illustrated by our focus on real-world assets, NFTs, and interoperability. The development of 2020 has set a good stage for us to create a complete ecosystem of financial products that focus on ease of use and liquidity.”

🌐 Check out the full interview here:

The Task Ahead for Furthering Adoption 🦾

Feb 3: Persistence is hitting the adoption value points from both the institutional and crypto-native sides.

Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, was recently interviewed by Firoz of Decentralised Chain! Among other topics, Tushar explains how Persistence is creating new TradFi & DeFi income avenues while encouraging adoption.

On the institutional side with Comdex (commodities trading and trade financing platform utilizing Persistence), our go-to-market strategy is working with family offices and SME organizations who utilize their networks to drive adoption. Comdex has already handled more than $41M in transaction volume.

On the crypto-native side, we’re creating a product to enable stablecoin holders to supply liquidity to pools to support operations on Comdex, thereby producing returns for stablecoin holders from real-world income generating assets. This is only one of many crypto-native products in the works offering unique opportunities for crypto holders!

🌐 See the full interview here.

Hosting Our Ecosystem Partner Razor Network for an Insightful AMA 🙋‍♂️

Feb 3: Hrishikesh Huilgolkar, Founder and CEO of Razor Network, joined the Persistence Telegram group to connect with the community. Hrishikesh shared his insights into Razor’s innovative oracle infrastructure and the synergies between Razor and Persistence.

Razor Network is a decentralized oracle provider, focusing on decentralized finance, that supplies accurate real-time data to smart contracts. Persistence’s validator arm will be supporting Razor Network by running a validator node and we’re exploring the use of Razor’s oracle service within the Persistence ecosystem.

$100 in USDT was split among those who asked the 10 best questions during the AMA! It pays to join us live!

Participating in a Joint AMA with Bluezelle 🤝

Feb 3: We joined fellow DeFi innovator Bluzelle for a joint AMA to share insights into Cosmos DeFi with the Chinese community!

The DeFi movement in the Cosmos ecosystem is gaining steam rapidly. To spread the word to the Chinese community, our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, joined Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle, for an AMA in SnapFingers’ WeChat group.

Both Persistence and Bluzelle are contributing critical infrastructure for the emergence of a strong DeFi ecosystem on Cosmos. This was a perfect chance to gain a deeper understanding of both projects and DeFi on Cosmos as a whole!

China is home to a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain innovators. We were therefore thrilled to be connecting with the Chinese crypto community!

Citizen Cosmos Interview with Tushar Aggarwal🎙

Feb 9: Want to gain some deeper insights into Persistence? Listen to our recent interview with Citizen Cosmos!

Citizen Cosmos is a podcast focusing on the masterminds behind the most promising projects in the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem. In a recent podcast they interviewed our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, regarding Persistence and how we’re enabling the creation of a suite of next-gen financial products.

“Our approach is two-pronged. On the institution-focused side, we’re bringing institutional use cases to the crypto world while also bringing crypto products to institutions. On the crypto-native side, we’re building a range of innovative products to provide new opportunities for crypto holders.”

Other topics covered include:

• Tushar’s background at LuneX Ventures and the origin of Persistence.
• How Persistence is bridging traditional finance and DeFi.
• The role of institutions in DeFi.
• Building strong business relationships for long-term success.

🌐 You can listen to the podcast on YouTube or Spotify.

Did you Know Persistence is Backed by Industry Heavyweight Strategic Advisors? 🤝

Feb 12: As former researcher for Huobi, Director of Research at IRIS Network, Jeffrey Hu (and the entire IRIS Network team) has been at the forefront of innovation in the DeFi sector, especially in relation to the Cosmos Network. His knowledge of Asian markets and product R&D is an invaluable asset to Persistence.

Sandeep Nailwal is well-known as the Co-founder and COO of Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network). With his business nous and extensive experience in blockchain and dApp adoption at Polygon, Sandeep is extremely valuable for us in marketing and ecosystem development in particular.

Jason Choi brings experience in VC consultation and worked for a global macro hedge fund. Currently, Jason is the Head of Research at Spartan Capital, the investment arm of the Spartan Group, an Asia-based crypto advisory and investment firm. He also hosts the Blockcrunch Podcast, geared for global crypto investors.

We’re also in the process of welcoming several new advisors on board!

Did you Know Persistence is Backed by a Plethora of Industry Heavyweight Investors? 🦾

Feb 15: Our mission to usher in a new era of next-gen financial products for the traditional finance and DeFi sectors has attracted the support of a wide range of major industry players.

Investors include Arrington XRP Capital, LuneX Ventures (crypto arm of Golden Gate Ventures), IOSG Ventures, Spark Capital, Woodstock Fund, Incrypt (crypto arm of First Principles VC), 3Commas, Dokia Capital, Cosmostation, SG-1, Alameda Research, Terra, NGC Ventures and AU21 Capital.

“A core goal of Arrington XRP Capital is to assist blockchain innovators to create value in the real-world. The merging of blockchain and fintech is beginning to usher in a new era of open finance which is poised to transform global finance mechanisms. Persistence is shaping up to be a major building block in this financial revolution and we’re proud to be supporting their journey.”

Michael Arrington — Founder of Arrington XRP Capital, TechCrunch and Crunchbase

🌐 Read more about our fundraising rounds and our mission here:

Did you Know Persistence has Onboarded Some of the World’s Leading Validators? 🔒

Feb 19: Persistence has onboarded some of the world’s top validators, distributed globally. These include, in addition to our own validator, Figment Network, Dokia Capital, Stakefish, Cosmostation, P2P Network, Sikka, Iqlusion,, StakeWith.Us, HashQuark and B-Harvest.

Our highly experienced ecosystem of validators collectively secure over $1B worth of assets across multiple networks, and growing quickly.

Once our mainnet is launched, XPRT holders will be able to delegate their tokens to any of our validators for staking, thereby receiving XPRT staking rewards for contributing to network security.

We are committed to ensuring the utmost security and robustness of our network, and our strong validator ecosystem is playing a major role on this front.

Our Protocol is Powering a Wide Array of Next-Gen Financial Products! 🚀

Feb 27: What do real-world use cases, institutional integration and a suite of next-gen financial products have to do with DeFi & NFTs?


Let us share, in under a minute, a little about who we are. Listen up as our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, sheds some light on our mission.

Remember this is just the beginning, Persistence already has multiple working products and is building an entire ecosystem of financial products to serve both institutional and crypto-native users.

🌐 Learn more about our product ecosystem here:

Media Coverage

StakeDrop Tutorial by YouTuber Ultron91x 📹

Feb 4: Still not participating in our $50,000 Matic Network StakeDrop? Check out this tutorial from YouTuber ultron91x!

Ultron91x has released a tutorial covering the whole journey of participating in our Matic Stakedrop, including:

✅ Staking your MATIC tokens
✅ How to move your MATIC stake from Matic Foundation nodes
✅ How to send your Magic Transaction

Remember, if you stake with our validator, you’ll receive extra StakeDrop rewards! Redelegation is simple (covered in the video).

Thank you to ultron91x for covering the StakeDrop! It’s inspiring to see our StakeDrops capturing the attention and imaginations of the wider community.

🌐 Prefer to follow a written tutorial? We’ve got you covered! See here.

StakingRewards Ranks Persistence in the Top 10 Staking Networks Launching in 2021 🔥

Feb 13: Staking Rewards has listed Persistence as one of the top 10 staking networks launching in 2021!

Persistence was featured alongside Chainlink, Ethereum 2.0, Mina, DFinity, Regen Network, Centrifuge, Acala, Chain, Diem, and Free TON as one of the most anticipated PoS networks launching this year.

🌐 Read here:

We’ve onboarded some of the world’s top validators, distributed globally, to secure the Persistence network. XPRT holders will be able to earn staking rewards by delegating their tokens to our validators once our mainnet goes live.

As a ‘work’ token, XPRT will also accrue value in direct correlation to increased financial activity within Persistence’s ecosystem dApps. Essentially, dApps on Persistence conduct business and fees trickle down to the mainchain, bringing additional value for XPRT stakers.

It’s encouraging to see anticipation for Persistence building industry-wide, even before we’ve revealed some of the most exciting products in the Persistence ecosystem!

Persistence is a Gem, According to Top 7 ICO! 💎

Feb 14: Top 7 ICO compiled a list of promising low cap DeFi projects that are going to enter the market with a public sale or initial listing soon. Persistence ranked among the seven projects listed!

Persistence Listed as a Promising Upcoming DeFi Project 🥂

Feb 15: The excitement around DeFi-oriented blockchain projects is significant. Generation Crypto recently compiled a list of promising upcoming DeFi projects to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Persistence (XPRT) was listed alongside Launchpool (LPOOL), Polkamarkets (POLK), Public Mint (MINT), Unido (UDO), and Paralink (PARA).

Crypto Lark Says Persistence Should be on Your Radar! 🚀

Feb 19: Is Persistence on your radar? It should be, according to crypto YouTuber Lark Davis (AKA Crypto Lark).

In a recent video, Lark featured Persistence as a promising solution for enterprise NFTs and one of the top 6 NFT altcoin gems to watch in 2021.

We’re thrilled about all the positive media coverage we’ve gotten lately, and would like to thank Lark Davis and all of the independent media for their support leading into our token sale.

Davis uses shipping invoicing to illustrate one of Persistence’s use cases. Isn’t it frustrating when someone owes you money and you can’t do anything with it until they’ve paid you? Businesses feel that way too! So Davis explains,

“with Persistence, what you can do is actually tokenize that invoice and put it up as collateral to get a cash loan.”

Yup! And like he said, that’s only just the beginning!

Community Updates & Activities

Launching Persistence Pop-Quiz #2 🤓

Feb 3: In early February we launched Persistence Pop Quiz #2, with questions related to our ongoing $50,000 Matic StakeDrop!

Three lucky ducks who participated in our Matic StakeDrop campaign and got the highest score/s on the quiz were randomly selected to win $100, $50 & $25 — paid in XPRT!

🌐 If you’re not already a Matic StakeDrop guru but want to take part in the StakeDrop, you can read our blog on the Matic StakeDrop here:

We continue seeking out ways to benefit our community, especially those contributing to the success of our StakeDrop campaigns by taking part!

Celebrating 20k Twitter Followers! 🎉

Feb 10: We have officially surpassed the huge milestone of 20,000 Twitter followers!

Thanks to the support of our amazing community, we are growing stronger every day. The dawn of Persistence has only just started & we’re honored to have you all along for the journey!

Here’s to a bright future for Persistence and our community! 🥂

Follow our social accounts if you aren’t already and get involved in the conversation about Persistence on different platforms:

♦️ Twitter
♦️ Reddit
♦️ YouTube
♦️ LinkedIn

Thank you all for championing new financial frontiers with us as we BUIDL Persistence!

Wishing our Chinese and Korean Community Members a Happy New Year! 🎆

Feb 11: For 2021 we’d like to wish you and your loved ones success in your endeavors, physical strength & health, fortitude and hope to weather any storm life may present you, and the persistence to keep reaching new heights!

We recently established a dedicated Chinese community on WeChat. If you would like to join us, please scan the QR code in the image attached here to send a request to our Strategy and Community Lead, Abhitej Singh, and he will add you to the group.

🌐 We’ve also now launched a dedicated Korean community:

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới to our Vietnamese Community!🥳

Feb 12: With every new year comes great challenges and obstacles in life, along with great opportunities. We wish you courage, hope and persistence to overcome all the hurdles you face. May you and your family have good health and much success in 2021!

If you haven’t joined already, we invite you to celebrate the New Year with us in our newly launched dedicated Vietnamese community, which is already over 900 members strong!

🌐 Join our Vietnamese community and help to further the conversation about Persistence in your region:

We’ve Surpassed 20,000 Telegram Members! 📈

Feb 15: We’ve recently crossed the huge milestone of 20,000 Telegram community members! This brings our total follower/community member count across all social platforms and regional communities to over 65,000.

It’s inspiring to see our mission to usher in a new era of next-gen financial products resonate with so many people, especially since our journey has barely begun!

We’re incredibly thankful for all of your support. Persistence is not just an interoperable protocol and a whole plethora of next-gen financial products. Persistence is every person in our community!

Launching Our Champion of Champions Community Initiative 🏆

Feb 15: Introducing Persistence’s Champion of Champions community initiative: an award for our superstar community members, complete with a $100 prize!

To us, all of our community members are champions in their own right. Some, however, go above and beyond to support us on our journey, and this does not go unnoticed. Therefore, we’re launching our Champion of Champions initiative in order to reward our superstar supporters.

Each month, beginning in March, we will be presenting one standout community member with the title of ‘Champion of Champions’ and a $100 prize in XPRT tokens. This initiative is meant to reward community members who continue to support Persistence by spreading the word and bolstering our community.

Activities considered include, but are not limited to: supporting on social media; creating and sharing content (memes, GIFs, videos, articles, infographics etc.); helping community members in our Telegram group, and anything else you can do to support Persistence and spread the word.

We’re honored by the massive growth of our community and the incredible support shown by our supporters. Champion of Champions is a way for us to show our gratitude for your efforts.

Calling all Thai Community Members: Join our Dedicated Thai Community on Telegram! 🤝

Feb 16: In the past year our community has surged from a handful of community members to over 65,000 supporters across various platforms. Amid increasing growth, we are therefore continuing to expand our regional communities.

We have a burgeoning Thai community on Telegram to cater to our Thai supporters!

With a progressive regulatory standpoint and a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts, Thailand is poised to become one of the key blockchain hubs of Southeast Asia.

🌐 Join our Thai community here:

We are committed to spreading awareness of Persistence and our mission to usher in next-gen financial products worldwide. Stay tuned for more regional communities to come!

Announcing Our Dedicated Russian Community 🙌

Jan 19: Amid the rapid growth of our supporter base, we’re establishing local communities to cater for different geographical regions.

We recently launched a Russian community on Telegram to cater to our Russian supporters.

Russia is home to a rapidly growing crypto community and a developing blockchain industry. We’re excited to spread the word of Persistence’s mission to the Russian crypto community!

🌐 Join our Russian community and help to further the conversation about Persistence in your region:

We also recently published a Russian translation of our article outlining our journey so far. Our Russian-speaking community members can now catch up on our progress and achievements to date:

Launching Our First Ever Digital Treasure Hunt! 💎

Feb 20: We were excited to announce the launch of our first-ever digital Treasure Hunt! This was a chance for the community to learn more about Persistence through a fun activity and get a chance to win a share of $600 in XPRT tokens in the process.

Participants were provided with a series of clues which directed them through various Persistence-related resources. Each person who completed the hunt received one ticket for the winners’ lottery.

There were also optional additional tasks available throughout the hunt which could secure participants a bigger prize!

$600 reward structure:

🏆 $100 in XPRT for the person who completes the hunt and additional tasks with the most impressive contributions.

🥈 $50 in XPRT for four runners up who complete the hunt and additional tasks with impressive contributions.

🏅 The rest to finish will enter the winners’ lottery. 12 randomly selected winners will each receive $25 in XPRT.

Thank you to everyone who took part and made the Treasure Hunt a huge success! Winners will be announced within the next week.

We Now Have a Korean Community on Telegram! 🤝

Feb 26: Calling all Korean community members: join our dedicated Korean community on Telegram!

We’ve now launched a Korean Telegram community to cater specifically to our growing Korean supporter base!

Korea is a thriving hub of blockchain innovation and is home to one of the world’s largest and most rapidly expanding crypto communities. We’re excited to be deepening our connection with the Korean community!

🌐 Join our Korean community here:

We’ve also established a Medium blog where all of our major articles will be published in Korean. Catch up on our first few entries here and be sure to follow for further updates:

Persistence Pop Quiz #3 — Focused on Our Product Ecosystem ✏️

Feb 27: We recently revealed the suite of next-gen financial products currently live and being built within the Persistence ecosystem. To see how much our community has learned about our product ecosystem, we launched our next pop quiz!

Participants who attained the highest scores on the quiz were entered into a random lottery to determine the winners of the three prizes — $50, $30 & $20 in XPRT!

🌐 See if you’re a winner here:

If you didn’t win this time around, don’t worry, stay tuned for more ways to be involved and earn some tokens!

We’d like to thank you all again for continuing on this journey with us. We are truly grateful to have you as a part of our community! Big things are in store for the rest of 2021 and beyond!

Persistence isn’t just a mainchain of next-gen capabilities for financial products. Persistence is every person in our community. Though the road hasn’t always been easy to travel, Persistence will keep moving forward pioneering new financial frontiers. We will continue to focus on our strengths and resiliency to propel us forward and keep reaching new heights!

About Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Persistence facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.

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