Community Newsletter #3 — December 2020

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December marked the close of a monumental year for Persistence. We came out of stealth with Persistence in January of 2020 and we have achieved more than we even could have imagined during this past year.

Despite any curve balls the year’s thrown at us we’ve grown, pressed on, and kept building towards the future as we explore new possibilities for cross-chain financial products. None of this can happen without you all.

In December we continued to roll out our StakeDrop campaigns, which have been gaining huge momentum and have not only helped to secure our partner networks but have also been instrumental in generating awareness of Persistence among the wider crypto community.

We have also forged several partnerships via our validator arm to propel the global blockchain ecosystem forward, attended a variety of industry events and community outreach sessions, surpassed the huge milestone of 10,000 followers on Twitter, and much more.

For insights into our progress on our mission to usher in the next generation of blockchain-powered financial products, we invite you to read our community newsletter covering all areas of our activities in December.

StakeDrop Updates

Cosmos StakeDrop Final Report 📈

December 1: Upon the closing of our Cosmos StakeDrop we released a report outlining the many points of success of the campaign.

Once again we’d like to extend our gratitude to our partner Staking Rewards for publishing the report on our final statistics from the Cosmos StakeDrop campaign, our first of seven campaigns.


🚀 Unique Address Participants: 1,154

🚀 New Cosmos Network Delegators: Up by > 14%, from approximately 29.5k to 33.7k delegators.

🚀 Cosmos StakeDrop Participation: Nearly 1/6 of aggregate staked ATOMs participated to receive XPRT rewards (equal to $198 million staked at the time of writing).

🚀 Cosmos Staking/Bonded Ratio: Up from 72.11% on October 25 to a 3-month high of 73.09% on November 3. Nearly a 1% increase in bonding ratio.

🚀 New Cosmos Accounts Created: Throughout the StakeDrop there was a 14.3% increase in total number of Cosmos accounts, rising from 94,024 to 107,462.

The Cosmos StakeDrop campaign facilitated the distribution of 200,000 XPRT to 1,100+ people. Our Kava StakeDrop campaign is off to a flying start with over 5.2 million KAVA staked by 369 stakers.

🌐 Read the full report in the Staking Rewards journal here.

Launching a 4,000 XPRT Giveaway alongside Trust Wallet 💫

December 2: In early December we announced a unique campaign for our Kava StakeDrop participants. 100 Trust Wallet users who participated in our Kava StakeDrop using Trust Wallet will be randomly selected to win 40 XPRT each!

We’re always looking for ways to benefit our community, especially those contributing to the success of our StakeDrop campaigns by taking part. Stay tuned for more community initiatives!

Kava StakeDrop 7-Day Progress Update 🚀

December 3: Once our Kava StakeDrop campaign was live for 7 days we released an update to showcase our incredible progress in such a short amount of time.

Kava StakeDrop 7-day stats:

♦️ Total staked KAVA participating: 8,375,895

♦️ KAVA staked with 487,024

♦️ Over $15M worth of KAVA staked by StakeDrop participants

♦️ More than 620 unique addresses participating

♦️ Voting power on the Kava network increased from 77.74M to 77.92M KAVA since the start of the campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Kava StakeDrop to help secure the Kava network whilst earning XPRT rewards. The interest shown by the community was incredible!

Cosmostation Added a Native 3-Step Participation Process for our Kava StakeDrop🪐

December 6th: Once again, Cosmostation stepped up to the plate, configuring in-wallet 3-step support for the KAVA StakeDrop.

This made it super easy for KAVA holders to participate in the Kava StakeDrop using Cosmostation!

100,000 XPRT are Allocated for the Terra StakeDrop! 💎

December 14: After our successful Cosmos & Kava StakeDrop campaigns, things continued ramping up with the Terra StakeDrop. 100,000 XPRT are being distributed to participants, valued at $25,000.

Magic TXs went LIVE on December 17th! Participants began receiving XPRT rewards, on top of their LUNA rewards, when the Terra StakeDrop began on December 19.

Earn some XPRT as you help secure the network and decentralize the future.

  • Learn how you can participate: link
  • Full Terra StakeDrop Details: link

Our $25,000 Terra StakeDrop Campaign Went LIVE!🔥

December 19: The Persistence Terra StakeDrop campaign began with a bang on December 19th, with 12.5+ million LUNA already staked by StakeDrop participants upon launch.

Nearly 200 LUNA stakers already sent their Magic Transactions before the campaign began. $25,000 worth of XPRT tokens have been allocated for distribution to LUNA stakers, spread across the 25-day Terra StakeDrop. That’s 4K XPRT per day.

If you don’t want to miss out on your share of the XPRT rewards, SEND THAT MAGIC TRANSACTION NOW!

The Kava StakeDrop Came to an End as our Terra Campaign Continued to Blast Off! 🏁

December 24: Our second StakeDrop campaign on Kava ran from November 26th and officially came to a close on December 20th. It was a threefold success! KAVA stakers acquired XPRT risk free, XPRT distribution widened and we helped raise more awareness about Kava and Persistence.

100,000 XPRT tokens (10% of the 1M XPRT reserved for our StakeDrop campaigns) were distributed over the 3-week Kava StakeDrop.

We’ve Now Surpassed $230 Million in Total Assets Staked in StakeDrop! 💰

December 23: The Kava StakeDrop took off with a bang! On day one participants had already staked over 5 million KAVA. This rose to 770 unique wallet addresses staking 11.3 million KAVA by the campaign’s end. Currently this is valued at over $17M.

Since our StakeDrop campaigns launched we’ve expanded the network to over 2,000 token holders of XPRT in just 2 months. We’re now more than a quarter of the way to reaching 10 figures in total assets staked by participants and beyond!

Thank you for pioneering new frontiers with us in the StakeDrop as we BUIDL Together we’re working to reach new heights in blockchain interoperability, bridging TradFi with DeFi by creating interchain NFTs and more.

Collaborations & Blockchain Ecosystem Contributions

Joining Interchain Conversations II, Cosmos’ Biggest Event of 2020! 🔥

December 9: Interchain Conversations II is the flagship annual Cosmos conference, this year organised by Interchain Foundation, Tendermint Inc. and Dystopia Labs.

Thought leaders from the Cosmos ecosystem came together to discuss key aspects of innovation on Cosmos during this year’s event, which took place entirely online.

Our CTO, Deepanshu Tripathi, was invited to share insights on the topic of ‘Interchain Standards for NFTs + Metadata’ during a fireside chat with President of Legendary Requirements, Joe Andrieu.

As one of the most active contributors to the Cosmos ecosystem, we were excited to connect with other like minded innovators for valuable discussions to help accelerate the interoperability movement.

Hosting Another InterNFT Working Group Call Alongside our Fellow Innovators Developing Standards for Inter-chain NFTs & Metadata👨‍💻

December 10: Persistence was awarded a grant by the Interchain Foundation to develop Interchain Standards for NFTs and Metadata in August 2020. Since then we’ve been spearheading the initiative alongside ixo, attracting the support of many other innovators who have since joined the InterNFT Working Group.

The Working Group believes in a future with many blockchains interoperating with one another, that includes NFTs moving from one chain to another. By building common standards together we are making this a reality sooner.

🌐 Want to contribute and join us in enabling the digital economy? Learn more about InterNFT and join us here:

Delegations to Persistence’s Validator are Now Open on Matic Network! 🚀

December 17: is Persistence’s validator arm. We’re one of Matic’s top-tier validators helping to secure the Matic Network blockchain.

MATIC stakers can now delegate their tokens to our validator node to earn a passive income via staking rewards! utilizes highly secure Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers across multiple geographical locations clubbed with a multi-cloud architecture to secure multiple PoS networks. Your funds are SAFU with

🌐 You can find in the validator list on Matic’s Staking Dashboard. Click the ‘Delegate’ button to delegate your MATIC to us:

Stake with and let’s help to strengthen Matic Network together!

💎 If you’re staking your MATIC with, you’ll receive a higher proportion of the 200,000 XPRT rewards pool (worth $50,000) during our upcoming Matic Network StakeDrop! Stay tuned for more details!

Delegate Your Staked Tokens with on Cosmos, IRISnet, Matic Network or NEAR to Get your Hands on Some MPOND Tokens During Marlin Protocol’s FlowMint Stakedrop! 🙌

December 18: 20% of the genesis supply of Marlin’s MPOND token will be distributed to various leading PoS blockchain communities over the next 24 months via FlowMint. These MPOND tokens can be used to run a Marlin node or participate in governance.

Certain validators have been whitelisted to be included in the FlowMint stakedrop, including our validator! If you delegate your staked tokens to on Cosmos, IRISnet, Matic Network or NEAR, you will receive MPOND.

🌐 Read more in Marlin’s article and participate here:

Why support Marlin Protocol?

As Persistence and Marlin are both projects leading the growth of the Indian blockchain ecosystem, we share strong synergies and thus our collaboration is mutually beneficial for both parties.

We offer highly secure validation infrastructure via our validator arm, helping to power a growing number of leading PoS networks. is becoming an increasingly important player in the global blockchain ecosystem.

With our own ongoing StakeDrop campaigns, Persistence has experience in managing and delivering global campaigns of this nature. Therefore, we’re proud to be supporting a fellow Indian blockchain innovator to achieve their goals.

Delegate with today to secure some MPOND whilst helping to secure the global blockchain ecosystem!

Community Outreach & Education

AMA with Matic Network to Share Insights Into Persistence’s validator! 🙋

December 8: is Persistence’s validator arm. We’re one of Matic’s top-tier validators helping to secure the Matic Network blockchain. MATIC stakers can now delegate their tokens to our validator node to earn a passive income via staking rewards.

Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, and our Strategy and Community Lead, Abhitej Singh, connected with the Matic community to discuss the strengths of our validation infrastructure, why MATIC stakers should delegate with, our upcoming $50,000 Matic StakeDrop & more.

Did You Know: Persistence SDK 🛠️

December 9: Did you know that the Persistence Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used in different permutations and combinations to spin up entirely new financial applications?

Our SDK is ever-expanding, catering to the latest innovations for various use-cases and dApps.

Currently available modules cover the trade and trade financing journey from end-to-end:

♦️ Onboarding of organizations & their employees

♦️ Providing relevant access rights to onboarded employees

♦️ Conducting relevant KYC/AML checks

♦️ Verifiable document fingerprinting

♦️ Tokenization of documents representing ‘real-world’ assets

♦️ Marketplace element to match buyers and sellers, including negotiation

♦️ Trade settlement & financing

🌐 Learn more about our tech stack in our whitepaper.

Tushar and Michael of Boxmining Discuss How Persistence is Fostering Adoption, Our Business Model & Mainchain Sustainability 🦾

Did You Know: Bridging the Previously Siloed TradFi (Traditional Finance) & DeFi Markets 🌉

December 15: Persistence offers a suite of financial products for bringing real-world/institutional use-cases to the blockchain space by addressing 3 key issues:

♦️ Enabling privacy to exist at the identity & transaction level.

♦️ BUIDLing institutional friendly fiat onramps, making crypto native/friendly banks more accessible.

♦️ Simplifying the complexities around custody, key management, and volatility of gas.

🌐 Learn more in our whitepaper:

Joining the Terra Community for an AMA Regarding our Terra StakeDrop 🙋‍♂️

December 22: $25,000 worth of XPRT tokens are being distributed to LUNA stakers via our Terra StakeDrop, running until January 13th.

Our CEO & Co-founder, Tushar Aggarwal, and our Strategy and Community Lead, Abhitej Singh, joined the Terra Discord server to connect with the community and answer your questions about the StakeDrop and more!

Insights shared included more about Persistence, the Terra StakeDrop, how you can participate, benefits for the Terra network, and anything else that piques your interest.

🌐 View the AMA on Discord here:

Launching our First Persistence Pop Quiz ✏️

December 23: On December 23rd we launched the first quiz of our Pop Quiz series, designed to allow the wider community to learn more about various aspects of Persistence whilst getting the opportunity to win rewards!

Two lucky ducks who were participating in our Terra StakeDrop campaign and score 5/5 on our first quiz were randomly selected to win $25 each (paid in USDT)! Stay tuned for our next quiz!

Did You Know: Persistence Collaborates with Forward-Thinking Think Tanks Establishing New Standards for Interchain NFTs 🤝

December 30: Since August 2020 we’ve been spearheading the InterNFT initiative alongside the Interchain Foundation and ixo, attracting the support of many other innovators who have since joined the InterNFT Working Group.

Once a real-world asset has been tokenized into an NFT, it is free to be traded or used as collateral to finance business needs in a quick, easy and global manner.

Interoperability of NFTs will empower traders to trade more efficiently, get loans quicker & avoid many opportunity costs.

What is Persistence?🤷‍♂️

December 31: Among the many questions we’re asked this may be the most frequent. What sets Persistence apart from other blockchains? Which problems is Persistence solving? In short, what is Persistence?

Our CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, explained during an interview with Coinscrum why Persistence is not limited to empowering and onboarding institutional capital. Learn how next-generation use cases for NFTs can open up new possibilities for the blockchain industry, and ultimately to the world.

Closing Thoughts

We’d once again like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and express our deepest gratitude for being a part of our community! Big things are in store for 2021!

Persistence is not just a mainchain and a whole shebang of next-gen capabilities for financial products which have not yet existed. Persistence is every person in our community.

Yes, this has been a tough year for everyone with many unforeseen hurdles. But as they say, “what does not kill you only makes you stronger.”

For 2021 we’d like to wish you and your loved ones success in your endeavors, physical strength & health, fortitude and hope to weather any storm life may present you, and the persistence to keep reaching new heights!

About Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Persistence facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.

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